Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting ready for Florida

For the past several weeks we have been getting some pretty nice weather for Michigan. So nice that even the Robins and Maple Tree think spring is here.

Wilma and I were out on our daily walk and noticed that one of our Maple trees looked like it was starting to bud out. Wilma got the cheap Kodak camera and took a picture of the Robin sitting in the tree.


Couldn’t believe it, a Robin still around here in February!

UPDATE>>>>> Wilma told me it’s NOT a Robin. It’s a small Hawk. I stand Corrected.

Then a couple days later the North wind blew and before you knew it we had temperatures in the teens and 2 inches of fresh snow on the ground.

We just keep telling each other that in a couple weeks we should be in sunny Florida, away from all this cold and snow.

I just had to take a picture of the ice hanging on the side of the Motorhome.


As this will be our first time we will be leaving home for more than a couple weeks, we are in a short “holding pattern” as to what all we can put in the Motorhome getting it ready for the trip. We are moving items into the back Family Room, close to the door and the Motorhome. Each morning we look at the pile of items growing and go over our check list. We keep thinking “what are we going to do if we forget …….?” Then we remind ourselves that there is always going to be a Super Wal-Mart close by where we can pick up items that we forgot to pack.

Next week I’ll put the batteries in and start the engine. Then on to the local LP Gas supplier to top off the LP tank. Then we can start the transferring of the food. That’s when I’ll plug in the power cord and turn on our small electric heaters to keep everything from freezing. I really don’t want to run them for more than a day or two at the most.

We are both Soooo ready for this trip. Our very first “Snowbird” trip south. Actually, there are 6 others who are Sooo ready, as we are traveling with two other couples and will meet the third couple at our destination in Florida.

More to follow, so until next time be safe and God Bless.


  1. It looks like Spring here too and we pray it stays that way. Hope you will have a great trip and a good time in Florida. Wish I was going too ☺

  2. Were looking forward to packing up the fiver and heading to Fla the beginning of April, so far we have had a mild winter here in MO but it is snowing heavily as I type this. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. If you're headed south and make a wrong turn ....... stop by and see us in Fort Worth, Texas ---- HAHAHA!!!!!

    Nicole @ Three 31

    1. Will see you next Winter on our 1st. visit to Texas.

  4. You have missed a short cold spell and the temps are rising here. Good time to head south:)