Monday, February 20, 2012

GPS - Social Security and Spring Flowers

Last week Gary, my best friend since 5th. grade, stopped by for me to help him update his new Garmin GPS. I was bragging to him a couple weeks ago about my Garmin and I think it made him want one for himself.

Knowing that I have already updated mine, along with adding some special points of interest (POI) he wanted me to give him advice on how to do it.


Gary lives in the country and only can get dial up internet, way too slow to upload any map updates. It took me an hour at least to upload mine a couple weeks ago on my cable connection. We started uploading his map updates, and 5 hours later it completed the upload! I just knew something wasn’t right as it should not have taken that long to upload. We then proceeded to update his GPS and for some reason the program said there was a problem and to contact the techs at Garmin. We put it all away, had some dinner, and played a little Euchre, which the girls beat us 2 games to 1. (We men keep close track who are the better players). Crying face

The next day Gary phoned me in the early afternoon with an update on his GPS. Seems that he was on the phone for 2.5 hours with the techs at Garmin. Final conclusion is that his GPS is updated with only some small minor map changes, and that his Vista laptop is restricting the downloads and blocking the update to be transferred to the GPS. Gary did mention that he may have  messed up Vista by deleting some programs and files he didn’t want when his laptop was fairly new. I asked him if he “deleted or un-installed the programs”. He deleted them. Ooops. I guess we will have to get him fixed up after our Florida trip. He said most everything else works so we can work on it when we all get back from Florida.

Have I told you how mild our Winter has been for us so far here in Michigan?  Knocking on wood here! Tina was over for a visit yesterday and noticed that our Spring flowers are pushing through the ground.


I just hope we don’t get any snow until AFTER this Friday, as that is the day we are leaving for our month long trip to Naples, Florida.

Wilma reminded me that I still have to go to the Social Security Office to apply for S.S. So this morning I’m off to their office to apply. I should start receiving checks soon as I turn 62 this May. 62! Holy Cow I’m getting old! After returning from the S.S. Office I’ll resume packing the Motorhome with “stuff” for our trip. It’s still too cold at night to put any liquid food items in it, but that will come by Thursday when I will have the Motorhome “un-winterized”.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Sounds like you have a lot coming up ~ nothing like getting that first SS check... we celebrated last year when I got mine!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. We just went through the registering for S.S. ourselves and drew our first checks in November.

    We avoided the personal visit to the SS offices by registering online. It was painless, simple, fast, and about 2 weeks later we had a call-back from the office to ask some verification questions and we were done. Zip, zip, zip.

    If you haven't gone driving yet, consider it!

  3. I also did registered for SS online and it was the easiest thing I've ever done! We had snow yesterday here in NC, but it's melting fast -- come on Spring!

  4. I also did mine registration online and it was amazingly fast and easy and the checks just started rolling in:)