Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lake City, FL. Wal-Mart Stop

Our destination this evening is Lake City, FL Super Wal-Mart. I again early this morning phoned the manager and asked if we could stay the night and where he would like us to park. “Sure you can stay, just look for all the RV’s toward the back of the store parking area, and enjoy your stay”. “We have at least a dozen RV’ers stop for the night every night.”

Off we went after filling up with gasoline, Gary and I knew we had enough to get to our destination. I phoned Joe and told him we were leaving and where we were headed. But we need to all stop in the Florida Welcome Center for a photo. He told me we would meet up on the interstate, which we did.


The famous sign “everyone” gets their pictures with.



It’s just about 54 with a 25 MPH Wind. Brrrrr.

We drove about 325 miles today to reach our current destination. Now I understand when I read other RV Blogs about not traveling more than a couple hundred miles in a day! Whew we were tired after today’s run! But the 6 of us arrived safe and sound at the local Super Wal-Mart here in Lake City, FL. Even Joe and Diane are staying for the night. I hope their experience is a good one.


A couple from Alabama took our this photo

We have all talked about tomorrow and I guess we will be looking for a campground where we can spend a couple nights. One that just has to have wi-fi that’s for sure! We all agreed we won’t be driving for more than a few hours maybe three at the most.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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