Friday, February 24, 2012

Lexington Horse Park Campground

First off today, Feb. 24th., we wish our eldest daughter Angel an Happy 42nd. Birthday! I know she is not going to be happy with me for putting her age down, but I’m sure she will forgive me.

We left home at 1 pm Thursday afternoon, the start of our month long Florida trip. Gary phoned and told us he just got on I-94 at 23 mile road, we would be getting on around the 13 mile road area. I told him I would only do about 50 which would allow him to catch up to us. Somewhere between Detroit and Toledo he caught up.

As we drove into Ohio the skies were getting darker. It was from the storm that we were running away from in Michigan. The weather forecast for Ohio was for rain all night and part of Friday.

We stopped at a Cracker Barrel in Findlay, OH. and talked about how far we wanted to drive. We all agreed we would get South of the storm and into Kentucky. Back on the road there was Lightening flashing to the South. I turned on the weather radio and heard that the storm was packing 40 mph winds with hail! About 20 miles later we drove right into the storm. Had to slow down to 30 mph as the hail pelted us, but we kept rolling. Question now is how do the Truckers keep going 70 mph through weather like that?!


Above we have the Pilot, below the Co-Pilot


When the hail hit my Co-Pilot bailed and headed for safety.

Further down the road the storm hit us waves. It would pour then stop then repeat the cycle. We arrived at the Ky. Horsepark campground in a downpour. This made it very difficult to pick out a campsite as there is very little lighting in the campground. But we prevailed and had a great night sleep. We woke this morning to the singing of Morning Doves and Robins. Smile

As I’m writing this blog, Wilma went for a walk and captured a few of the Wild Life here at the park.


The Robins are in full Courtship today


As we had our morning coffee, Kybee decided it just wasn’t time yet to get up.


Joe should be leaving MI this morning and headed for this park. As the winds are gusting to 40 MPH, we are staying here and waiting for Joe. Tomorrow we will head for a Walmart north of Atlanta, GA.


Until next time be safe and God Bless.


  1. We have stayed in the Horse park many times. there are some good sites among the many less desirable sites. The horse park itself is a great place. Travel safe:)