Monday, February 27, 2012

O’Leno State Park, High Springs, FL

We had another great night sleep at the Super Wal-Mart in Lake City, FL. last night. Wilma and I were pretty wore out from the 325 mile ride and we were in bed by 9:00PM. The manager was right when he told me that they have at least a dozen RV’s staying every night! He didn’t tell us there were also a few Semi’s that usually stop. One pulled in within a 100 feet of Joe and Gary around 5:00AM and left his engine running. Both Joe and Diane said it didn’t bother them at all and they had a good night’s sleep also.

By 8:00AM everyone was at our coach going over the plan on where to stay tonight. We didn’t want to drive more than 200 miles today, and that would put us close to Tampa, FL. We made about a dozen calls to various campgrounds, trying to get 3 sites for a night. No luck, as they were all full. Gary then called a state park and found that a park about 20 miles south of us had sites available.


We originally just wanted one night so we could empty our tanks and take on fresh water, but after we saw our sites and how nice they were we went back to the office and booked another night.


Gary & Cheryl’s coach with enclosed trailer, entering the park.

Even with the slow drizzle and mild temps in the 60’s, we were excited and loving the weather! Back home we heard that it was in the high 40’s with winds picking up, and the temperature going down into the 20’s. Brrrr.


What looks like water drops on the window are the white flowers of the dogwood trees.

Tomorrow they are predicting highs in the 80’s with full sunshine! As we are not used to those kind of temperature’s it will probably feel much warmer to us. But I’m sure we will adjust just fine and we are looking forward to it.


Water and Power hooked up, getting ready to open the slide.

We will be here Monday and Tuesday nights. According to our Garmin, we have about 300 miles to our destination of Naples, FL. That adds up to just 150 miles per day, Wednesday and Thursday, when we are scheduled to check in at San Marino Park in Naples, FL.

Wednesday night we will be staying at a Super Walmart somewhere around Tampa, FL. which is half way from where we are now to our destination in Naples, FL.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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