Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow on it’s way. Time to boogie out of here!

Angel phoned us this afternoon wondering if we heard the news. No..we have been pretty busy getting the Motorhome packed with last minute things, why? She proceeded to tell us she heard that there is a snow storm heading our way. So at 5pm this evening we sat watching the news and weather while we ate our dinner.

According to our local weather forecasters we are going to get 4 or more inches of snow. The storm should start Thursday evening continuing through the night, and by Friday morning rush hour we will be in a mess. This was when we were planning on leaving for our trip to Florida!


These pictures today are from the snow storm back in 2008.

I got out the weather radio and tuned it in to our area. They are calling for 6 or more inches by Friday morning! YIKES! I made a phone call to Gary who lives 50 miles north of us. Cheryl said they are predicting 6 to 8 inches for them and that they are pulling out a day early, meaning Thursday to beat the snow. Then I called Joe, our friend just south of us that is also going. He isn’t ready and won’t be able to leave until Friday morning. I warned him about the snow that’s being forecasted but he doesn’t seem to be too worried.


Not me…I’m leaving! Wilma and I have been working all day putting the last items in the Motorhome, all that’s left is a handful of clothes, some “get pretty in the morning” items and that’s it. Oh yes, can’t forget the dog food! Smile

So it looks like we will be pulling out of here in the early afternoon tomorrow. I want to be South of Detroit before the afternoon rush hour. Probably stopping somewhere North of Dayton, OH. for the night. I now have to get on Google and find us a campground that will be open in Northern Ohio, or at least a Wal-Mart.

Florida Sunshine Here We Come!

Until next time, be safe and God bless.


  1. hey, travel safe and good luck beating that snow!

  2. Safe travels. We did the very same thing when coming out to Arizona. Its all about beating the bad weather.

  3. Don't blame you a bit. Good luck on outrunning the snow. Those pics from 2008 are all the snow you need to see!!

  4. Get out while the getting out is safe & enjoy!

  5. RUN ~ hope you make it out of there before the snow falls....
    Have fun & TRAVEL SAFE

  6. I hope you have a great trip free of snow but lots of sun!

  7. I am so excited for all of you! Soak up the sunshine, the down home food, and please give Cheryl a hug from me.

    Safe travels!