Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back Home from Florida….Now a Blog Catch Up

With the internet connection so flakey at Lake San Marino RV Park in Naples, Florida, I just wasn’t able to post to the blog every day. In my frustration my last post was on March 20th.

So this post will be lengthy, taking you from March 22nd. to the 30th. when we left.

March 22nd. An Airboat Ride. 

Gary, Cheryl, Joe and I wanted to go on an airboat ride in the Everglades. Wilma and Diane didn’t have any interest in a ride and stayed back at the RV’s. The rest of us jumped in the car and headed to Speedy's Air Boat Rides in Everglade City, FL.


After arriving and paying our fee, we had about a half hour wait before “our boat” would be ready for us.



We were told that all the air boats have the same size engine. A 350 Cubic Inch Chevy V-8. No mufflers so we were advised to wear the furnished ear muffs. Some of us had our own ear plugs that worked quite well, considering how loud the engines were.


The driver stopped in a couple places explaining the different plants in the Everglades. He also took this picture of us. I have to give him my highest praises, as he had full control of the Air Boat at all times, even when we felt we were going 100 MPH through the Mangroves!


After an hour ride we were all hungry and he recommended a Cuban restaurant that made fantastic lunches. And after lunch, where to go to get a view of live in the wild gators.


We all had a great lunch at The Havana Café sitting outdoors under the shade of an umbrella. From there we headed to the wild side to catch a sight of a live gator.


We actually were able to get quite close to this little guy about 12 feet in length.


What a great day we had, and I assured Wilma that she would have been scared to death with the fast, hair raising ride of the Air Boat. She was glad she passed on the ride.


March 25th. Mel’s Diner.

Our neighbor at the RV Park recommended Mel's Diner in Naples for dinner, so that’s where we went.



Great food at a reasonable price. If there is such a thing as a reasonable price in Naples! Thinking smile 

March 26th. Captiva Beach.

Captiva Island Beach is the beach for Sea Shell lovers. Wilma just loves to get Sea Shells, and at this beach they are so plentiful that you cannot help but to find that perfect shell.


Yes, those are all Sea Shells Wilma is standing on, not sand!


Everyone comes here to get Shells.


After about 4 hours we had enough sun, and the girls had enough Shells for the day. What a great beach!

March 27th. Gary & Cheryl go Para Sailing.

Gary said he just had to do this because it was on his “bucket list”. I told him I would go along and take photo’s and video if I could get onto the boat. Gary phoned several companies that offered Para Sailing. Some would not let me go, some too over priced but Paradise Para Sail Company was the perfect choice.


They are on the rear of the boat, ready for the Canopy to lift them 1500 feet or so up into the air. Before you knew it they were gone! No time to get scared and have second thoughts.


Within minutes they went from take off to this:


Gary also took his camera up with him to get some shots.


The above photo was taken about 30 seconds after take off. You might be able to see me on the left taking a picture of them.



Way too high for me! I’m glad I stayed on the boat!


After about 45 minutes in flight, they were back aboard the boat. Smiles from side to side on their faces. They had a blast!


The boat pulling them with Fort Myers Beach in the background.

March 28th. Fort Myers Beach with Cousin Sylvia.

Wilma and I were up early and headed out to Fort Myers Beach to meet her cousin Sylvia and her husband Bill. We arrived about 30 minutes before they did and found a great parking space. Word to the wise: Get to the beach by 8:00 AM to get a great parking spot and beach spot.


The crowds of Spring Breakers were not up yet, so we had the beach to ourselves for a short while.


Yep, there are Palm Trees on the Beach!


Wilma and Sylvia got caught up on the family happenings within minutes, then we headed for a restaurant to get some breakfast. Sorry, but we can’t remember the name of the restaurant. Sylvia will probably tell me when she reads this blog, and the restaurant had the best breakfast I’ve ever had! Bill, Sylvia’s husband picked up the tab for us! Thank You Bill!


Then we all headed for the beach. The girls to walk along the water’s edge picking up shells, us guys talking about our careers in the Auto Industry, and the great time we are having in Florida.



Within 4 hours the beach began to fill up with beach lovers.


And it was time we headed back to the RV and Kybee. What a great time we had with Sylvia and Bill and we both look forward to spending more time with them in the future.

March 31st. Ramblers Rest RV Park

We wanted to check out other RV Parks for next year, so we picked Ramblers Rest to stay at for a night.


I can say it had it’s good points, but it just wasn’t for us. We did however go into Venice for dinner this evening. Once again I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was an Irish Pub. It had tables outside on the walkway if you preferred to eat outside. Wilma and I choose an inside seat by the window so we could enjoy the scenery along with our food. Did a little window shopping, then headed back to the RV to get it ready for our trip home in the morning.




Some of the beautiful roads in Venice, FL.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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