Monday, March 12, 2012

Lovers Key State Park, FL.

Yesterday evening, we all talked about getting some sunset photo’s and it was decided that today we would leave around 5pm and head for a beach that we could get some great photo’s.
We decided that we would try Lovers Key Carl E. Johnson State Park
I drove and Gary played the GPS telling me turn by turn how to get there. We entered the park, paid the $8.00 fee and proceeded to the parking area.

We loaded up our little cart with a cooler, camera and beach chairs.


DSC_5144Crossed over a couple beautifully built bridges and headed for the beach.


The local “Welcoming Committee” was ready for us and kept hinting for some hand outs, which we DID NOT feel we should.


As we sat and watched the rain clouds in the distance, Wilma started “shelling” finding those perfect shells.


The clouds seemed to be getting more serious at getting us a little wet. But we stayed and waited.


Even the local Dolphin showed himself for us a couple times.


The sun ray’s were showing Wilma just where to look for those perfect shells.
(This is my favorite photo)


Had a special quick visit by this beautiful bird. Don’t know for sure the name of this bird, but it was very busy looking for his dinner.



Then it struck us. As I was admiring the assortment of birds gathering in front of me, the “No See-Ums” attacked! Joe & Diane, Gary and I started swatting these biting little bugs. Wilma and Cheryl were a few 100 feet down the beach still picking up shells. We could hardly wait until they came back and we all agreed to leave because of these biting little bugs. WOW! You just couldn’t have a moment of peace without them biting us. We couldn’t get out of there fast enough.
On the way out to the parking lot we noticed there were only 2 vehicles in the lot. Mine and Joe’s truck! On our way out I stopped at the entrance and asked the park ranger why she didn’t feel it was necessary to warn us of the terrible biting no see-ums. She said in a sarcastic voice, “How was I to know you didn’t know about them?” Which I responded with “ Well I guess my Michigan Plates on the car should have given you a clue!” We left, pretty irritated that we just spent $8.00 for less than an hour of being in the park.

Oh well….I guess we will get over it and try to get some “sunset” photo’s another day. Only next time we will make sure there is a breeze blowing from the West to keep these kind of bugs from biting.
Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Oh, yeah! The no seeums LOVE Eldy! You never know when they are going to show up. Sometimes they are really bad, and other times not so much. So far this year in our stays in Florida, we have not had too much trouble with them. Sorry you encountered them and couldn't stay longer...lovely photos!

  2. The bird looks like a snowy egret to me. :)

  3. Yupper ~ jaws of steel and you can barely see them little pest!!! Sorry you got attacked...
    Have fun & Travel safe