Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No-See-Ums reaction, IHOP Experience

I guess the state of Florida has been getting many complaints about the attacks of the NoSeeums. Joe pointed out in the local newspaper yesterday that the State Parks are refunding the admission fee of anyone that was attacked by the small bugs and wants the refund.

Wilma and Joe both got an allergic reaction from the bites. She had small welts form on her upper back and arms. She had to take Benadryl medication to get some relief from the itching last night. Today she seems a little better, but the welts are still there, just smaller. Joe has the same problem all over his arms.


Sunrise at 7:45AM


This morning at 8am we all went to the local IHOP to have breakfast. We had the very best waitress one could ask for. She started joking around with us as soon as we sat down and she asked who all wants coffee. Cheryl was the only one that wanted hot tea and she took a kidding from the waitress about being the “odd one”.

Then Joe spilled a glass of water all over the table. To the rescue came our waitress, scolding Joe! Did we ever get a laugh from it. She returned a glass of water to Joe in a child’s glass with a top and straw along with more razzing.


The razzing went from one person to another. Who ever asked for something she was right there to “give it to us” verbally first. Of course it was all in fun.



As we got ready to leave she came by to give each of us a hug and wish us a great day. What a wonderful lady!


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Sorry bout your reaction to the no see~ums...they are nasty little buggies!
    Have fun

  2. Every business could use people like your waitress.

  3. I've never heard of those bugs! I hope I never "see-um"! :)

    We had a restaraunt chain here called Ed Debevicks (sp) where it was their job to razz you for everything! Sounds like you got one of their ex-employees! :)~