Monday, March 5, 2012

Randy’s Fishmarket Restaurant

Early yesterday morning we were expecting the storm front to move through Naples. It was the same storm that did so much damage with tornado’s in KY., IN., and OH.
The flapping of the awning from the winds is what woke me up at 4:30AM. Not wanting to have any damage done, I got dressed and went outside to re-tighten the tie downs and make sure everything else on our patio area was protected from the wind and rain that we were going to get. Wilma was up by 6AM and we sat outside for a very short time until the wind started gusting to 40MPH. Then the rain came. It rained for about a half hour, heavy rain! But within 10 minutes of the end of the rain you could hardly tell we had any rain at all. It’s very sandy soil here at the park and any rain water soaks into the ground rapidly.
The storm came from the West, the photo above is taken facing the East. You can see some of the clouds that were moving rapidly from the left to right.
Most of the day we just hung around the RV Park, took a ride to a local Wal-Mart and Walgreen’s. Talked to the others in our group and we all decided this evening would be a great day to spend some money on a dinner out. We suggested “Randy’s Fishmarket Restaurant”.
Around 5PM with a little clowning around, we all were ready to leave for dinner.
Gary and Cheryl rode with us in our car, as Joe and Diane followed in their truck. We arrived after having to take a detour, because we passed the restaurant, and were lucky we found a couple parking spots. The place was full. Must be a sign that they have good sea food is what I thought, plus today was Wine sample day.
At the entry door was a gentleman that was quite knowledgeable about the three brands of wine he was offering for samples. I don’t remember the names of the wine but the white wine was sweeter and less dry than the red.
Inside we waited our turn in the bar area. Diane had been given a beeper device that would let us know when our table was ready.
While we were waiting I went back outside to get a photo of the restaurant.
Doesn’t look too fancy from the outside, but we were anxious to have some fresh sea food. Not only could you enjoy a fresh sea food dinner, you could purchase some of today’s catch.
When seated, our waitress gave us along with the menu, a list of the available sea food. Most of the fish items were crossed out. She explained that the seas were too rough today for some of the local fishermen and that is why some of the fish are unavailable. Diane was not very hungry and wasn’t in the best of moods when she received a phone call, but I joked with her a little and she felt a little better.
Wilma just loves clam chowder soup, and that was the appetizer she ordered.
She says it was the BEST!
We spoke to Angel, our daughter, last night and she wanted us to take pictures of the plates of food. So this is for you Angel…MORE PHOTO’S.
Wilma’s “Fish & Chips” delicious lightly coated Cod.
My “Red Grouper” with Garlic and other seasoning. Delicious!
Almost forgot to photo the “Key Lime Pie” we had for desert! More Delicious! Mmmm Good!
We woke up this morning to 49F and it’s supposed to get up to the mid 70’sF. Right now the sun is just coming up shinning through the coach windshield as I type this blog.
Looks like a perfect day to do the laundry. Eye rolling smile I guess we can’t have all fun and no work huh? With both Wilma and I helping each other we should have it done in no time.
Until next time be safe and God Bless.

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  1. The Fishmarket sounds like a great place to dine. Too bad the menu was limited. Looks like you had a great time with a bunch of fun lovin' folks. Isn't retirement the best!!!