Sunday, April 1, 2012

On our way home…Tire Going Flat!

We left Oak Haven RV Park this morning at 9am, after talking to the owner, George, about possibly getting a site for next January and February. He seemed to think that they might have 3 sites available, but I should talk to his wife as she does the bookkeeping. Tomorrow I will probably call her and discuss the availability for next year.

This must be the designated “head north day” for all the snow birds! I-75 was loaded with RV’s of all kinds heading North.


The day was looking great, nice cool breeze blowing in the windows as we headed North with the rest of the world. A little later as it became warm I put on the dash air. Well, I pushed the right buttons, but no air! Another job for me to look at when we get home. We will just have to drive with the windows open for the rest of the trip.

We weren’t on the road for more than a couple hours and my “Tire Tracker” sent out an alarm. The right front tire seems to be leaking air slowly. I mentioned to Wilma to take the Garmin and find a TA or Pilot truck stop nearby. She found one just 9 miles away, the only problem is we had to head back South to get to it.

The tire was showing just 41 PSI when we arrived at the TA Truck stop and looked half flat. Normal pressure for that tire is 70 PSI.

I got the tools out to change the tire, dropped the spare tire that is the original spare, and proceeded to change the tire.

I have to say that the “Tire Traker monitor system just paid for itself in the first trip using it.


I bet you can tell I’m not a “Happy Camper” at this moment. Thank God that the spare had 62 PSI of air in it so I knew it was good.


As the temperature was in the mid 80’s I didn’t hesitate to use some of the shade the Semi was casting next to me. Within an hour the tire was changed and the Tire Tracker monitor installed on the new spare tire. I had to drive around to the diesel fuel pumps to get to an air hose to pump up the new tire to the 70 PSI limit.

Meanwhile Wilma was inside making us a ham sandwich for lunch. Together with a cold Pepsi, I was able to cool down and relax a bit. Another thank goodness for a generator and air conditioners.

Back on I-75 North we headed for our next stop, Valdosta, GA. Our Garmin tells us that there is a Super Wal-Mart there that will allow us to park in the lot for the night.

Around 4:30PM we pull in the Wal-Mart lot along with 2 other Motorhomes. Poor Kybee is gasping as the temperature inside the Motorhome is now 85 F. I started the generator and turned on both roof air conditioners.

It is now 5:30PM and Kybee is on the bed sound asleep. The temperature inside is now around 78 F. He is a happy dog!

Wilma just went inside the store to purchase something for us to eat for dinner. We always make a point to spend some $$$ at the Wal-Mart stores that allow overnight RV parking. Thank You Wal-Mart!

Hopefully we will travel without any other set backs. Looking forward to arriving home around Wednesday.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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