Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thoughts of next year's Florida Trip

We have been back home now for a few days, and I am still busy unloading the Motorhome, cutting grass, catching up on family visits.....the list goes on and on.

But mostly....I'm having a tough time getting used to this cool weather. As I post this blog, it's 41 F. outside with the sun shinning and bright blue skies. The same kind of skies as we were getting used to in Florida. But 41 F. brrrr.

We have already made our reservations for next year in Florida. Next year we will be staying outside the city of Arcadia. We were fortunate to find a nice RV park that also furnishes storage at a great price. If this park turns out to be a nice park that we would like to return to, then I probably will be leaving the Motorhome there in storage. I have figured the total gas price of traveling from Michigan to Florida and back. The total I spent was very close to $1900.00. If the cost goes up over $3.85 per gallon next year than of course the total cost will go up also. The cost of storage being just $25 per month is looking much better, even if I have to store it for 10 months. Plus, I plan on not putting plates on it when it's in storage, which will save me close to $300, PLUS dropping the Insurance to just fire and theft should save me another $600 per year! It just keeps making more and more sense to leave it down in Florida and drive my car back and forth. Wilma is also thinking about it. It's just hard to think of leaving a piece of us in Florida as we drive away next year!

For today we are planning on celebrating our Grand daughter, Rebecca's, 12 birthday. The next post will be on that celebration with pictures.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. If you always go to Florida, it sounds very logical to leave the motorhome there.