Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celebration with Friends, Brooke’s BDay

Gary and Cheryl, our best friends, invited us out to their home for the holiday week end to eat, drink, and sit around a campfire. So Wilma and I packed up our Motorhome on Friday morning and was at their home by 1PM.

As soon as I pulled into their drive I noticed something not quite right. There were three pieces of cement block in a circular shape in their drive. At a closer look we found that Gary was protecting a nest of 4 eggs of a Killdeer bird.


She wasn’t very happy with me as I approached to get a photo of her eggs. She let me know by giving me her verbal and physical warnings.


But I did get a photo of the 4 eggs among the gravel. Look close and you can see them.


We sat around just visiting this Friday afternoon, enjoying each others company. Wilma and I knew that it would be an early bed time for us as Gary was not feeling very well. Seems he ate some bad coleslaw, going against Cheryl’s warnings. After a while we all made jokes of how many times he had to head for the bathroom. Final count 14! Sick smile

Saturday morning came and Gary was feeling much better. We helped set up several games for his expected Grandchildren who would be arriving later in the day.


Several games were set up, Badminton, Bocce Ball, Washers along with getting rides in the garden wagon pulled by the riding lawn mower.


Dinner time came and Wilma was elected to be the chef. What a great job she did too, even before Gary helped her out at the grill.


After dinner everyone enjoyed the games, and the campfire. Speaking of the campfire, Wilma and I left the fire at 1:30am! What a wonderful time we all had.

Sunday morning we were woke by the distant sound of thunder. Seems there was a severe thunderstorm just north of us. It did get us out of bed by 7:30am to fold up the awning, bring in the slide, and wind up the electrical cord. I really didn’t want to wait it out and get possibly soaked. As it turned out we only got a few rain drops and everything was put away when the rain did start. We helped Gary and Cheryl pick up the items left in the yard from the party prior to leaving. Hugs and kisses and we headed home from a really enjoyable week end.

After arriving home around 1pm, we unloaded the fridge and clothes closets. Had a short rest and then got ready to go over to daughter Angel’s home for Brooke’s 12th. Birthday Party.


The pool was opened this weekend and the Grandkids were enjoying the warm water of the pool along with the Pizza, Salad, Cupcakes, and Pie for dinner.


The Birthday Girl was the first one in line and at the table. Everyone enjoyed dinner and then it was time to open the gifts.


Cousin Savannah was the first to present a gift. Followed by the rest of the family.


I believe she was very happy with the gifts she received.

Even Great Grandpa, who celebrates his 85th. birthday on the same day as Brooke, was presented with gifts. Something he wasn’t expecting at all.



What a wonderful family gathering and a fun time for all. Wilma and I headed home planning on enjoying the remainder of the day together.

Arriving home we were greeted by our neighbors’ grandchildren with some disturbing news. Grandma, 95 years of age had passed away at 2PM Saturday. They were all at her bedside and she was not in any pain or discomfort. We both were so close to that family that we felt she was our Grandma also. Wilma and I were expecting this day to come soon, but never wanting it to arrive. The three Grandchildren, Charlie, Ann, and Susan gave Wilma a very special item that belonged to their Grandmother that she wanted Wilma to have. This touched Wilma in a very special way, that she will always have something of hers that meant so much to Grandma. Wilma and I thank you for such a loving, and thoughtful deed you all just did. Grandma Kohler will always be in our hearts and minds, every time we look at her home, we will think of her loving smile and personality.

Be with Jesus Grandma Kohler. You will be missed here, but we will see you again in Heaven.

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