Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden ½ Planted

Today the weather was just perfect for working in the yard. First on the agenda was planting our  tomatoes. This only took up ½ the garden so Wilma and I decided to fill it up the rest of the way with Green Beans. I will probably go to the store tomorrow to get the Bean seeds.


This shows just half the garden, the other half is along the fence to the right of the picture. I believe we purchased around 14 plants this year.

Last year Greg, Wilma’s cousin, showed us how he makes tomato juice. It tasted so delicious I decided to expand the garden for this year and plant tomatoes. Enough to not only enjoy in our salads and on our burgers, but to can some juice also.

From the garden I focused on the lawn. It needed a good edging and mowing. While I was mowing, Wilma went to the nursery to purchase her flowers for planting in her flower beds and pots.









100_2088We are hoping that the red flowers by the hummingbird feeder will help attract the hummingbirds this year again. Last year was the first year we had hummingbirds visit us and we had a ball watching them.



The one corner of the yard is starting to look a little colorful with the added flowers. As they grow I’m sure it will look prettier by the day.

Needless to say Wilma and I were both pretty tuckered out when we finished with our chores. We sat on the deck with a cold glass of ice water and took in the beauty of the yard.

Tomorrow brings more things to do. The motorhome is needing my attention again. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. How come the work never ends? I had a small garden last year, but here in the woods its too shady to grow much. So its back to pots with tomatoes and herbs. Happy planting!