Friday, May 11, 2012

Kybee returns from the Vets

Kybee had an experience today that he has never had in his life!

We had an 8am appointment with the Vetenerian today to get a teeth cleaning. Of course I knew this was going to include a sedative so the techs could do a good job at cleaning his teeth.


I was told to expect a phone call sometime between 3pm and 7pm to come pick him up. The tech told me that they had 3 other appointments today and she didn’t know exactly what the order would be. I left and around 1pm I received a phone call. Kybee was doing fine however there were 3 teeth that needed to be removed. One of them was a back molar, as the gum was so inflamed by the tarter that the root was being exposed. Poor guy, he never showed any signs of being in any kind of pain like that must have been giving him. Crying face

Around 3pm another call was received and I was told I could come and pick him up. I didn’t waste any time going to get him, was there within 20 minutes.

They went over the complete procedure they did along with before and after photo’s. I was pleased they were so thorough, paid the fee, and carried him to the car. He did real good in the car on the way home. I could just imagine how dizzy he still was, and comparing it with the way a person feels after an evening ‘hitting the bottle’.

It’s now close to 9:30pm, he is laying on a blanket beside my chair as I write this blog. He still shows signs of being a little wobbly, hasn’t been able to drink any water or eat anything as of yet.

Poor little guy, I feel bad for him, but hopefully tomorrow he will feel much better. Especially after he starts receiving the pain meds and anti biotics that I have to give him.

In 2 weeks he has a follow up appointment to make sure everything is healed up fine.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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