Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day/Birthday Celebration

First of all we would like to extend our wish to all Mom’s for a very Happy Mothers Day today.

My gift to my wonderful wife for mothers day is to cook a delicious chicken dinner. Of course as both our daughters, Angel and Tina are mothers, they were also invited along with the Grandkids.

The oven fried chicken along with mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner rolls and green beans with the onion and bacon added was a big hit with everyone. We all ended out on the deck to enjoy the sunny weather and our dinner.


As soon as the food was placed on the kitchen counter the line was formed. Mom’s were first in line followed by the Grandkids and myself bringing up the rear. There was heard many oooossss and aaahhhssss as everyone first saw the food. I guess it pays to wait until 1pm to eat. That way everyone is really hungry!


Of course I had to stand at the front of the line watching everyone’s plate full. Handing out a joke or two if needed. Winking smile


After everyone had enjoyed their dinner, it was time for the grandkids to give Nana her Mothers day gifts.

From the look on her face she was very happy with her gifts.


Here are two solar powered dancers. I guess that’s what you might call them. As the sunlight hits them they shake back and forth like their dancing.


Brooke shows the special T-Shirt the Grandkids made for her.


Here is the entire family minus our Grandson Dakota, who was visiting his dad today, but still extended his wish to his mom and Nana for a happy Mothers Day.


Then it was time to give Pa his birthday presents. Rebecca was the first in line to give me a present from her Mom, brother, sisters, and herself. A bag of Pistachio nuts that will take me a year to eat! Open-mouthed smile


Brooke was next with a gift from herself and her mom Angel.

A great shirt showing off my favorite baseball team!


Not expecting anything else, my hon gives me a gift that took me by surprise.


A new hummingbird feeder that will go up close to our other feeder. Hopefully we will attract more than a few hummingbirds this summer.

DSC_5598Of course there is always a prankster in our photo’s!

Savannah got a good laugh as she gives me “Bunny Ears”.


We feel so blessed to have our wonderful family. Today was just another beautiful day given to us to enjoy.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    Looks like everyone had a great time and the food sounds even better

  2. Two for the price of one - now that's the way to have celebrations!! Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day too. Looks like everyone was having a lot of fun. And the dinner looked delish!