Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tomatoes and Plates

We have been very busy this past week. Today we took the time to go to the local Farmers Market downtown. This market is hosted every weekend by the city in the summer, and invites the local farmers to bring their produce to the city to be sold. We knew it being early there wouldn’t be any fresh vegetables, but we were just looking for annual flowers and tomato plants. There were a couple good deals, but not enough for Wilma and I, so we then headed for the local Farmers Market Produce Store. This is where we ended up purchasing most of our plants for this summer.


Now I’ll have to keep a sharp eye on the weather predictions. Can’t leave these plants out over night if a frost might be expected. So I’ll play the “moving game” for next few weeks, from the deck to the garage and back again.

After lunch in our favorite restaurant, Dee Dee’s, we arrived home and I commenced to put the new license plate tabs on our vehicles. Every year on my birthday, the tabs expire and have to be bought and placed on the license plates.

It occurred to me that the state is doing this whole thing wrong! They should be “giving” me the tabs as a birthday present Open-mouthed smile not me giving them a gift of cash for these small sticky thingies that go on our license plates.


Yea I know… such luck. But it was a funny thought any way.