Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day with Family

We were under a weather threat of rain that might be in our area in the afternoon. Wilma and I prepared the deck to have our family over for a dessert dish following a lunch at Roseanne Kitchen Café. We were both keeping our fingers crossed that the rain might hold off for us.

Not only was my immediate family together with us for this special day, but my Brother Ken and his wife, Sister Judy, Sister Catherine and her family and Dad. Reservations were made but because of the unexpected rush of customers at the restaurant, we had to wait about 15 minutes past our reservation before they had room for all of us. After all we had a party of around 16.

Everyone seemed to have a great lunch and from the restaurant we all headed to our home to enjoy a Strawberry Short Cake dessert.

The rain didn’t hold off, and we all had to stay inside, but it didn’t dampen the spirits or festivities. A special Thank You goes out to ALL the ladies of the family who made this family get together a success. Especially to my wonderful soul mate, my loving wife Wilma! Love ya hon!


While the “Dads” discussed the troubles of the world, solving nothing, the gals were getting the desserts ready for all to enjoy.


Sister Judy saw to it that there were enough servings for everyone to enjoy.



Daughter Tina showing off her portion of dessert.


Youngest Grand Daughter Savannah with her smile from ear to ear.


Grand Daughter Brooke lets us know how she liked the dessert.

After all had finished their desserts it was time for the presentations of “Happy Father’s Day Cards and Gifts”. My father being first to get his cards and I also was presented with wonderful heart warming cards and gifts from my daughters. Thanks Angel and Tina AND all 5 of my Grandkids. Love you all so very much.

Our wish for a Blessed and Happy Father’s day goes out to all the dads and Grandfathers.

Until next time be safe and God Bless.

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  1. What a wonderful family time. Dessert sure looks good!!