Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Glass Jug

Two weeks ago we lost a dear friend that we have known for over 20 years. Our neighbor Marjorie Kohler, was 95 when she passed. We had adopted her as our Grandmother, calling her Grandma Kohler. She was just 5 ft. but held so much life and happiness inside her, you just couldn’t help but to like her.

Wilma posted on Facebook her feelings this way:                                                                

She moved in as my neighbor over 20 years ago, can't remember the year. We shared our feelings, fears, hopes and dreams. Our love of flowers growing outside, being in the sunshine. She shared with me on many occasions stories of her growing up years, her devoted love for her family. History on different pieces of furniture that belonged to her grandmother and grandfather. I saw the pride and love in those eyes. She had such energy til this past year. She became family to us all, loving my grandkids one by one, kisses on their noses.. the hugs I've had are very precious to me.. She passed on Saturday, May 27, 2012.. She was 95 years young. Rest with the Angels, Grandma Kohler, you'll forever be in our hearts.

One of the stories she told Wilma was about the Glass Jug that her Grandfather gave her when she bought her first home. Her Grandfather said “This Glass Jug sat on my front porch for many a years, now I’m giving it to my Granddaughter so she can place it on her front porch”.

Grandma Kohler had told Wilma about growing up as a child and sitting next to that Glass Jug on her Grandpa’s porch. Showed her a picture that was taken with her family on that porch, the Glass Jug also in the picture. The Glass Jug sat on her porch for many years. Only being moved inside for the winters.

On Grandma Kohler’s passing, the Grandchildren gave the Glass Jug to Wilma.  They knew their Grandmother wanted Wilma to have the Glass Jug. How precious a gift it is. We don’t know the exact age of the Glass Jug, it has to be well over 100 years old. No matter, Wilma cherishes it with all her heart and will never let it go. It has meaning to her like no other.

Two weeks later, the Glass Jug is like new again. Being outside in the sun took it’s toll on it. It had a layer of what I think was green algae on the outside of it.


The algae was stubborn and very hard to remove, but it could not stand up to the Soft Scrub and a #3 steel wool pad.


It gave me a “run for the money” and I could not finish the job in one day. Being so very careful not to scratch, chip, or my worst fear break the Glass Jug. Finally the job was complete. The Glass Jug shinned, and you can see all the imperfections of the glass making process of that era. Beautiful, just Beautiful is all I can say about it, with it’s imperfections and it’s history.

Today, Wilma stands holding the Glass Jug, in front of the China cabinet that Grandma Kohler gave her many years ago. The china plates in that cabinet also was given to Wilma. You can tell there was a special love that radiated from Grandma Kohler to Wilma.



Your loving smile and stories will be sorely missed by us all Grandma Kohler. May you rest peacefully in the hands of God. Someday we hope to see you again in Heaven.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Condolences to you both over the loss of Grandma Kohler, but what a legacy she left you in that glass jug.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful friend and neighbor. I am so glad she wanted you to end up with the glass jug. Wilma must have been a very special friend. Rest in Peace Grandma Kohler.

  3. That is a wonderful story, even though it involves the passing of a dear friend. My condolences to you on your loss. You did a great job with the glass jug and I can see why it is so very special.