Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kybee, Thunder and Fireworks.

Kybee, our little Pug, just hates any kind of Popping noise. Be it Thunder, Fireworks, or even the Bubble Wrap packing material.

I felt so sorry for him that last year I did a search on the internet about it. Came up with many articles, even YouTube video’s about a product called a Thundershirt. I thought, can this be so? So I took the hook and bought one for Kybee.

Not Kybee but it is a couple dogs with the Thundershirt on. thundercoat

We tried it on him following the recommendations. Needless to say he really didn’t care for it, but we had him wear it an hour just to get used to it, without any thunder or loud noises. Then a couple weeks later a storm was brewing, and I put it on him before any thunder was heard. He didn’t seem to mind it this time and acted like himself. That is until the first loud crack of thunder. The Thundershirt was not working! Repeated steps from other storms had the same outcome. It just didn’t work.

Last May he had an appointment at the Vets for teeth cleaning. I noticed they had a Thundershirt on display and now sell them. I mentioned to our Vet, Dr. Mark Hackel, how I had one of those Thundershirts and it didn’t seem to work. He explained it only works on about 50% of the dogs, and that you have to get them used to it when they are very young.

I explained how he gets when there is any kind of loud popping noises. He recommended what he uses. Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief for Pets. With his recommendation I purchased a 10ml. bottle for $20.00.

Arriving home from getting his teeth cleaned, I told Wilma about the conversation I had with our Vet. Showed her the small bottle of Stress Relief, and said we shall see how this works, with the Thunderstorm and Firework season upon us.


So, here is the results folks. IT WORKS!!! Wilma and I are very happy with how it settles Kybee down. It takes just 4 drops squirted in his mouth. He swallows it without any fuss, and within 15 minutes he is settled down even with the loud Fireworks going off.

So if your pets get anxious from loud Thunder or Fireworks, I strongly recommend you do the internet search or click on the link I furnished and purchase it for your pet. They will thank you for it.

Here’s proof: Kybee showing off his nice shiny white teeth, during the neighbors firework show.

Kybee with Teeth

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. I wish our vet had mentioned it when we had our little Mini Schnauzer Annie. She trembled and whimpered so much during storms, and especially for fireworks. Used to break my heart. I'm SO glad you found something that works for your Kybee!