Saturday, June 30, 2012

Motorhome gets New Mini Blinds

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Last October I re-strung a few of the blinds/shades in the Motorhome. It wasn’t the easiest job to do, but I figured if I could get another 5 years out of them it would be worth the time and cost to me.

Today I started replacing those same blinds/shades. They didn’t even last a year. Three out of five had broke the cords again.

Original Blind with broken cord.

Wilma and I decided to replace the original 16 year old blinds with new 1” plastic Mini Blinds in the Sand color.

As the temperatures were in the mid 90’s today, I just plugged the Motorhome into the Garage outlet and turned on the Air Conditioner. At least I would be able to work in a little comfort! Smile

I was able to replace most of them myself, except for the one over the table and couch. They were long enough that I needed Wilma’s help to get them clipped into their holders. 

New Mini Blinds in Bedroom.

New Mini Blinds in Kitchen Table Area.

Original Blinds above Couch area.

We are pleased with the new blinds, and with luck I won’t have to replace them ever.


  1. Looking very nice. You did a great job. Please send some of your heat here. It was raining most of the day with cool temperatures.

  2. I'm surprised the day/night shades lasted 16 years! Nice job.

  3. I learned to hate those blinds and all the restringing we had to do:( Now the new motorhome has MCD blinds and so far L just love them:)

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