Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our First Canned Tomato Juice

A couple days ago, Wilma and I picked a load of Tomatoes and Green Beans. There weren’t enough tomatoes to can much juice, but there was enough green beans to prepare for freezing. Wilma tipped and snapped them, I guess that’s what you call it, and I prepared them and put them in the vacuum packed bags for freezing. It turned out we had enough beans to put up 3 large meals. This winter we will see how delicious they taste.

This morning I went out to the garden and picked some more Green Beans and Tomatoes.

Today's Pickins.

Combining the tomatoes from the other day and those of today, I decided it was time to try my luck at canning some tomato juice.

Going back in time on our Blog to August 28, 2011 when we were at Greg and Charlotte’s home. Greg showed us how he makes his tomato juice.

From the garden, to the juicer to the jars.

Getting ready to clean, core, and prep them for the juicer.

Helping with the juicing


After cooking for 10 minutes, the juice is put in the jars.

The Final Product. Fresh Tomato Juice


Today, remembering what Greg had taught me, and with some advice from Wilma, I was able to produce my very first batch of Tomato Juice. A full 5 quarts with a sampling cup that was left over. Winking smileAnd here is the finished product!

Our canned Tomato Juice

Looks pretty good if I may say so myself! Open-mouthed smile I can just imagine how good it’s going to taste this Winter. Mmm Good.

A very special “Thank You” goes out to Greg and Charlotte for their hospitality and instructions on how to make this delicious juice.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

An Italian Festival

Just like most cities across the USA, our city held it’s annual Italian Festival this weekend. As the weather has become more bearable, Wilma and I decided that this afternoon would be a great time to go to the festival. (Arrow over the photo’s)

Merchants on both sides of the street.

No matter who is hosting the Festivals, be it Italian, Ireland, Poland, or Native American, you can always expect their finest foods. And this Festival lived up to that.

Picano's is a local Pizza Restaurant

Beer and Liqueurs from Italy

Randazzo's is not just a fruit market. They have all types of groceries.

We walked from one end of the Festival to the other, taking in all the sites and smells. As we were both hungry, it was tempting to stop at each vendor and purchase their special dishes.

Bar B Q Turkey Legs

From Turkey legs, Ribs, Pizza, or dishes I didn’t recognize, we had a large assortment to choose from.

Smokin' BarBQ cooks

But it was the smoke from these ribs that won us over. Another local restaurant, Smokin' BarBQ  was our choice. It might not be an “Italian” dish, but we love our BarBQ ribs!

Our dinner

They were “fall off the bone” delicious! The corn being grilled was not my favorite, but it added to our dinner.

Heading out we passed IL Fornaio Bakery.

Had a Spingi from this vendor

After watching how a “Spingi” is prepared, curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try one.

A "just deep fried" Spingi (dough ball with sugar and cinnamon)

Of course Wilma had to give it a try also and take a small bite out of it. Delicious covered in sugar and cinnamon. They had many other items tempting your sweet tooth, but we prevailed and had to walk away.Crying face

Just looking at all this makes me gain weight

Wilma and I really enjoyed our time at the Italian Festival today, and look forward to many other Festivals hosted by our city.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grand Daughters Brooke & Savannah go Camping

The Grand kids look forward to their annual camping trip with “Nana and Pa” every year. This year however Dakota, who just turned 15 declined to go. Brooke and Savannah were the first ones to go this year.

When we found our campsite and started setting up, they were asked if they would like to help. They both got big smiles on their faces and said sure! So their first job was to pound the stakes that hold the sun screen attached to the awning.

Brooke taking aim and missing on her first swing of the hammer.

I gave encouraging advice so they wouldn’t give up. I sure didn’t want to get on the ground to pound them in! Disappointed smile We took turns pounding in the stakes, first Brooke then Savannah.

Savannah hitting the stake as Pa gives a word of encouragement.

Needless to say the ground around those stakes really took a beating! But it wasn’t long and all 5 stakes were pounded into the ground and holding the sun screen. Tomorrow we will work on the firewood. Winking smile

Then it was time for a trip down the “Lazy River” here at the RV Park.

Brooke and Savannah enjoying a tube ride on the "Lazy River".

It’s one of the favorite places for the kids. They liked it so well they were there at least 3 hours.

Ready to get wet?



After an afternoon at the Lazy River it was time for supper. We prepared breaded chicken fingers with corn on the cob and green beans. Mmmm Good! Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and as soon as they were done Brooke and Savannah headed for the bridge over the lake to feed the fish. Nana and Pa stayed back and rested.

By 9:30 we were all ready to turn in for the night. Tomorrow promises to be another busy, fun day! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.