Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our First Canned Tomato Juice

A couple days ago, Wilma and I picked a load of Tomatoes and Green Beans. There weren’t enough tomatoes to can much juice, but there was enough green beans to prepare for freezing. Wilma tipped and snapped them, I guess that’s what you call it, and I prepared them and put them in the vacuum packed bags for freezing. It turned out we had enough beans to put up 3 large meals. This winter we will see how delicious they taste.

This morning I went out to the garden and picked some more Green Beans and Tomatoes.

Today's Pickins.

Combining the tomatoes from the other day and those of today, I decided it was time to try my luck at canning some tomato juice.

Going back in time on our Blog to August 28, 2011 when we were at Greg and Charlotte’s home. Greg showed us how he makes his tomato juice.

From the garden, to the juicer to the jars.

Getting ready to clean, core, and prep them for the juicer.

Helping with the juicing


After cooking for 10 minutes, the juice is put in the jars.

The Final Product. Fresh Tomato Juice


Today, remembering what Greg had taught me, and with some advice from Wilma, I was able to produce my very first batch of Tomato Juice. A full 5 quarts with a sampling cup that was left over. Winking smileAnd here is the finished product!

Our canned Tomato Juice

Looks pretty good if I may say so myself! Open-mouthed smile I can just imagine how good it’s going to taste this Winter. Mmm Good.

A very special “Thank You” goes out to Greg and Charlotte for their hospitality and instructions on how to make this delicious juice.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. I remember canning from childhood. Now I like the food store:)

  2. I won't disagree with the ease of going to the store and getting something to work with. I will say,,,, I don't believe the taste is the same. Of course, I work with this stuff and if I didn't believe it, I wouldn't plant the garden that I do. Enjoy!!

  3. There are few things more satisfying than opening a jar of your own homemade tomato juice when the blizzards are blowing! A garden is the one thing I truly miss having by being fulltime on the road.

  4. After chilling, Wilma and I just drank the juice from the mug. Had to add just a pinch of salt. MmmGood!