Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Camping to Salsa to Garage Sale to Sick Car.

Has it ever been a busy couple of weeks! Fun Fun Fun in the summertime.

Last week Wilma and I went camping with two other couples. Our very close friends Gary & Cheryl, and a fellow worker now retired, Bob and his wife Donna. Bob and Donna are very new to RV’ing. as they just purchased their first RV late last year. We invited them with us to the Resort organization we belong to, Outdoor Adventures, Lakeshore RV Park.

IMG_0210 Getting Ready For Putt Putt

IMG_0212 Gary, Cheryl, Donna and Bob

I mentioned to them if they like the resort and would like further information, the Sales Office would be more than happy to talk to them. They really didn’t seem real excited, so I just dropped it.

IMG_0226 Munchies around the campfire

Then that evening while we were all sitting around the campfire, a representative approached us on a golf cart. Introduced himself and asked for us by our names. We acknowledged him, and he then asked if our guests, Bob and Donna were around. I introduced them to him and they ended up setting up an appointment for the next day. The tour usually lasts an hour and a half to two hours. Bob and Donna were gone three hours! I began to think they signed a contract, but no they were cool headed and are going to sleep on it. They did however mention that they were very impressed with the organization, and the “no pressure” type of sales pitch.

After four days of R&R at the RV resort, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Wilma was going to start working on the Garage Sale items, and I had to get the Tomatoes harvested for making more fresh home made Salsa.

The following day I started in the garden picking what tomatoes I had left after the squirrels and birds got their share.

IMG_0242 Squirrels getting to the Tomatoes

They not only like the “almost ripe” tomatoes but now they are stripping the green tomatoes!


They even left a green tomato on the chimney. I guess they think it will last there until Winter hits.

Wilma worked so hard setting up items for the garage sale, that she strained her back and had to take a day of rest.  Today our daughter Tina came over to help her mom get the items set up and priced. Thanks Tina, that really helped Mom.

IMG_0240 Before the sale

Yesterday was overcast and damp. A perfect day to get a hair cut. I got into my car turned the key and it just wouldn’t keep running. It tried to start but kept dying within a couple seconds. Upset I was is saying it mildly! Steaming mad So I got into Wilma’s car and left to get a hair cut.

Arriving back home I opened the hood of my car. Don’t know what I should be looking for as the engines of today don’t look nothing like back in the day when I did do a little tinkering under the hood.

As we have a very reliable mechanic at the end of our street, I decided Wilma could use her car to push me in my car to his business. Mark, our mechanic, seemed to think it might be the “anti theft device” and if it was, the only way to get that fixed is through the Chevy dealer. If not then it might be the fuel pump. Couldn’t really tell until he gets it into the bay to check it out. Mark said he would phone me a little later with the prognosis and how much it will cost to fix the car.

Arriving back home, I looked at my phone and both the 4G LTE and the 3G LTE system was not working! What is wrong with my phone now!!?? Crying face After an hour and a half on Wilma’s phone talking to the Verizon Reps, we finally got my phone working again. Now lets keep those fingers crossed that it keeps working. Fingers crossed

This morning I took the short walk to "Mechanical Man" to see what the bad news might be from Mark the owner. It turned out to be an air sensor of some sort. Replaced with a new one, the car is now running like new again.

Brought the car home, then started up the lawn mower to cut the lawn, which it badly needed. And today is only Wednesday! Three more days before the week is done. What more lies ahead for us. Eye rolling smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

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