Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre Halloween Block Party

It started with a beautiful sunset sky Friday evening. You know the saying, “Pink by night Sailors delight, pink by morning Sailors take warning”.


We knew that our neighbor was planning on hosting a Pre Halloween Block Party Saturday evening, so we figured the weather will be good for an outdoor party.

Saturday the temps were in the low 50’s with the cool wind blowing from the North. By evening they were expected to fall into the mid to low 40’s. This wasn’t going to hamper the party at all though as the hosts were planning on having the party rain or shine!


Grand daughter Brooke was a Rock n Roll Star. She played the part to the T!

As evening fell, the neighbors gathered in the boulevard for the party. The cool breeze that was blowing all day seemed to slow a little as the evening progressed. The hosts provided the Brats, hot dogs, paper plates and soft drinks. Everyone else brought a plate to pass around. No one went away hungry as there was more food and goodies than one can consume.

The hosts even erected a large screen to project movies for everyone to enjoy. What a great idea! They even supplied bails of hay for the kids to sit on to watch the movies.


I was amazed at how clear the picture was as the screen was made with a standard white bed sheet.



For those feeling the chill from the cold breeze, there was not one, but three open pit camp fires. The warmth from the fires seemed to take away the chill.


Another neighbor, being a huge sports fan, didn’t want to miss a minute of our Detroit Tigers playing in the World Series. So he brought out his projection TV for the “sport fans” attending the block party.


By the time the game started though, I was pretty chilled to the bone, and decided to call it a night and headed home. Wilma and Angel stuck it out and lasted about another hour before they came home.

All in all it was a great time for all that attended. Plenty of eats, fun and atmosphere.

Detroit Tiger update: we lost and are down now 3 games to none. Crying face

Until next time be safe and God Bless.

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