Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Surgery for Kybee

It’s been a couple years now since Kybee was first examined by our Veterinarian and I pointed out the small cyst that was starting to grow on his left rear paw. The cyst didn’t seem to hurt, as Kybee didn’t walk with a limp or act like it hurt if you squeezed it. The Dr. took a needle biopsy of it to see if it might be a cancer. The test showed it was not cancer and he didn’t feel that it was necessary to remove it at this time.


At Kybee’s next visit about 6 months later I pointed out again the cyst and how it had grown. The Dr. examined it and told me it would cost in the range of $2000.00 to have it removed. I elected to wait and watch Kybee very close to see if he started showing signs of pain.


About a month ago Angel told us of the excellent experience her dog had received from the Local Humane Society. So I decided to call them up and have their Veterinarian take a look at the cyst. The diagnosis was that they could remove it for around $250.00. We talked about the difference in prices between what she quoted me and my other Veterinarian. She said he was probably that high because he may have been a “plastic surgeon” which are more highly trained then she. But she assured me they could perform the surgery, and remove the cyst.

I went ahead and made the appointment for October 16th. We dropped him off at 8:30am and were told we could pick him up at 4:30pm. His last look at me when they took him showed that he was pretty frightened, but I knew this had to be taken care of.

Wilma and I couldn’t wait until 4:30 to pick him up. We were there by 3pm and they told us he was ready to go home. Excited we were to get him back again.

Was the little guy ever groggy when we first saw him in the examining room. The Veterinarian went over how the procedure went, what we have to do for him in the following days, and to bring him back in 10 days to have his stiches removed.

We got him home and all he wanted to do was dose off to sleep. Didn’t want any water at first. But by 10pm he did eat a little and took a drink of water.

Today he is doing much better! He doesn’t even act like his foot bothers him. We were told it was common for dogs to try to chew off the bandage and we needed to keep a close eye on him. I really didn’t want to put the dreaded “cone” around his neck to prevent biting. So far he is being good and not biting on the bandage. Let’s hope he doesn’t start any biting.

This afternoon we got this photo of him taking a nap. He sure likes his naps!


Hopefully this will be the last of the cyst issues on his foot!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Last summer our Rigg's had a tumor removed from his belly, We were lucky too and he never even looked at his stitches and healed fine and had them removed.Glad to here Kybee came through this okay and is doing well,and yes you sure do worry when they are being worked on. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. awwwwww I love that little guy!!! Glad he's doing good...i'll come by this weekend and see him.


  3. One of the things I originally thought about doing was becoming a vet, looks like that would have good financial choice:) I had a cyst removed by a people doctor for less than they quoted. He might be a doggie plastic surgeon or another label might be crook.