Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Lights & Fast Food

Wilma and I talked about it earlier and we decided that I only should put up a few Christmas lights outdoors this year, instead of lighting up two sides of our home. So today I took advantage of the warm spell we had and put them up around the deck on the side of our home.


I realize it doesn’t look like much, but when it gets dark the LED lights cast a beautiful glow of different colors against the white deck railing. I really don’t care to put the Christmas decorations up at such an early date, but it was nice doing it in the warm weather. I believe the temperature got up to around 60F. today.

As Wilma has been feeling under the weather the last several days with a cold, she really didn’t feel like fixing anything for supper. She asked if I would get her a Whopper with Bacon and Cheese and a large French Fry.

Whopper with Bacon

I decided if I was going to get her the Whopper, I would swing by Subway and get me a sub, which is what I ended up doing.


I know as one ages, the mind starts going a little. But I can’t remember when it was that I was last in Burger King. But I did recognize that the entire restaurant was remodeled.

Paying for the burger and fries gave me sticker shock! Not just at Burger King, but Subway also! We could have had a complete hot meal with desert at our favorite restaurant for what I paid for our meal this evening. So I guess it will be quite a while before I venture into a fast food joint again. You just can’t beat the local Family Restaurants, and I’m not talking about those chain restaurants.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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