Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holy Holiday are we BUSY!

My last post was back on November 10th. so I guess that shows just how busy Wilma and I have been. So much to do and the days seem to be going by even faster than last month.

The day is approaching fast when we venture on our very first “Snowbird” trip to Florida. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long long time. So much to get done before we leave. Where do we start? The Motorhome, House, Friends and Family, Doctors, Dentist, Post Office, Insurance Company, the list just keeps going and going.

First was all the Doctor visits. Not only to our family Dr. for our annual physicals, but also to the “Specialist Doctors” for their “special exams” that were needed. Wilma had been given the “A-OK” and I am waiting for the results of one exam…. As I write this the results were just phoned to me. I passed with a clean bill of health also! That was a great relief for me.  Both Wilma and I were given a clean bill of dental health from our Dentist, and my eye Dr. said I’m in good shape for another 6 months. Even Kybee, our Pug, following his surgery, was given a clean bill of health.

For a few years now, we have hosted the Family Thanksgiving Dinner. This year was a complete success as everyone helped by bringing items to pass. I started a “Menu” using Google Docs, and everyone added their name and what they were going to bring. This worked really nice as each family member could see what the others were bringing and what needed to be brought. Needless to say, we had plenty to eat.

 Plenty of Thanksgiving Food to go around.

Wilma has been working frantically on getting all the Christmas gifts bought and wrapped. I really have to give her credit here because of the great job she has done. I believe everyone will be happy with what they receive.

Not only is she busy with the gift buying and wrapping, she is trying to keep a list of items that we need to pack into the Motorhome for our Snowbird trip. That list keeps getting longer and longer.

I am checking my list of things to do also. The “Home Monitor”, furnace, vehicles (car and motorhome), neighbors, and the house in general. Just too long of a list to mention here.

One item I just have to mention though is batteries. I have a tire monitor system that I use for the Motorhome and the car when it’s connected to the Motorhome. In a previous post you can read how this system has already paid for itself the first trip I made with them.  Each tire monitor uses a small “watch battery”. As I put on the first tire monitor, I noticed it wasn’t working. Must be a dead battery. Off I go to buy new batteries. I chose Meijer, a very busy local store something like a Wal-Mart. They checked and were all out of the size I needed, and I needed 12 of them! I guess that size is popular for Christmas gifts. I did notice the price before I left and headed over to Batteries Plus a local store that specializes in batteries. I expected to pay much more per battery there than at the local discount stores. What a surprise I had when they were 25% CHEAPER than Meijer's! Even their AA batteries were cheaper. I just found a new store that I will be doing business with when it comes to batteries, and other items as well like light bulbs, cell phone accessories, etc.

Got to go and continue packing the Motorhome, so…

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. We're in the same predicament. Except we're renting a condo in AZ, leaving Dec 27 or 28th. Our two spare bedrooms have been turned into an Arizona room and a Christmas room. No room for visitors right now. Its the only way I can keep it all straight!!! Enjoy your trip and planning for it!