Friday, December 28, 2012

On Our Way To Florida!

It started around 3pm. Did not stop until in the early morning hours of the day we were planning on leaving for Florida. We woke up to at least 10 inches of fresh, slippery, snow!

10 inches of snow fell over night!

I had to grab the snow shovel and clear a path just to get to the Motorhome. Plus last night I had to start up the snow blower and clear the area behind the motorhome so I could back it out into the street.

Had to shovel snow to get into the Motorhome.

As we closed up the house and got into the Motorhome, my driving skills were going to be put to the test. First I made it a total of about 50 feet before I was stopped by the snow depth in the street. Clearing that hurdle another was going to challenge me pulling out of our sub division onto the 4 lane main street. That one stopped me in my tracks half way into Gratiot (M-3) blocking 2 of the 4 lanes. I usually rock the vehicle when stuck, but it’s hard to do that when you have a car hitched to the motorhome. So I gave it the gas, spun the dually tires, and so slowly was able to clear that hurdle. Rolling on the floor laughing

Last look as we leave for Florida.

As I write this blog, (the next morning) Wilma and I are sitting having our morning coffee at the Kentucky Horse Park Campground. It’s a around 27F. outside, but on the good side….NO SNOW!!!!

Our plans are to arrive at a campground in northern Georgia for the next two nights. We were planning on staying at a Wal-Mart tonight, but I found a campground that will charge $11 for the night. Hopefully I’ll be able to contact them this morning and secure a spot for us.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. I would have waited a day or two before leaving. I wouldn't want to drive in that deep snow.

  2. Come on down, we had temps in the 60's today and no SNOW:)