Saturday, December 29, 2012

Valdosta, GA. Wal-Mart camp.

We had just 289 miles to travel today, but with another heavy traffic jam it took us 7 hours to arrive at Wal-Mart here in Valdosta, GA.

We first breezed through Atlanta with it’s 7 lanes of traffic.

Count them, 7 lanes of traffic in Atlanta. Yep, I'm in the wrong lane. Not ready to exit yet! I was surprised that the traffic wasn’t worse than it was. It took us about 45 minutes to get through the city.

Atlanta, GA I-75 with 8 lanes for traffic. Saturday morning around 10am.

Overcast skies with drizzle made it a challenging drive. My gosh do the locals of Atlanta drive fast! Speed limit of 65 (which I was doing 60) and they were flying by me like I wasn’t even moving. Thankfully no problems through Atlanta, we thought “free sailing the rest of the way”. But it wasn’t to be.

The speed limit says 60, we were doing 0 to 7mph.

There was a lot of chatter on the CB of a stalled car in the right lane of only 2 lanes on I-75 sixty miles north of Valdosta. We timed it from when we first came to a stop 10 miles before the bottle neck, until we entered the construction zone, 1 solid hour. But again, by the time we arrived at the construction area and the bottle neck, there was no disabled vehicle. Just stop and go traffic thru the construction zone which was at least 20 miles long.  But not all was lost While we were doing the stop and go, Wilma prepared our lunch of sandwiches, chips, cookies for desert and a bottle of water. Smile

We arrived at Wal-Mart safe and sound, after the Garmin took us the wrong way off the interstate. Baring teeth smile But we managed to find it with the help of my “Smart phone”. I guess that’s why they call them “Smart phones”.

Our campsite at Wal-Mart.

We went into Wal-Mart to purchase our gourmet meal for the evening. Chicken, Chef Salad, and Red Skin potato salad.

Dinner is ready. Come on in and eat.

Wilma gave this area the thumbs up for tonight. Even though there are another 3 more RV’s in another area of the parking lot. We are in the same spot that we had last year and there were more than a dozen RV’s where we are at now.

A vacant bird nest just outside our window at Wal-Mart.

And the scenery isn’t that bad either. Just outside our window we have a vacated birds nest with Sams Store in the background. Winking smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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