Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Motorhome Roof Vent & Tires

The past few days I’ve been busy on replacing items on the Motorhome.

The Roof Power Vent failed us on our last trip to Florida. After getting prices from our local RV suppliers and internet searches, I was able to purchase the Vent Fan on line. Wow what a difference in prices between our local suppliers and those on the net! I would think our local suppliers would be the least expensive for this item, especially since the factory that makes them is just north of us about 70 miles. This is the model and brand that I purchased online.


I’m not as slim as I once was, so this is how I get up on the roof of the Motorhome. That small built on ladder that you see on all RV’s just isn’t up to standards for me to climb up on and be comfortable.

I wish I had the same product that Winnebago uses to seal around roof openings on their products. My Coach is a ‘96 and it has the original sealant around all the openings, holding great!


“Out with the old”. The fan is free and ready to be trashed. After cleaning thoroughly around the opening I was ready to install the new fan.


Fan-Tastic Vent company now furnishes a closed cell foam gasket that goes between the fan and the roof. Where as the original was just silicone  and screwed down. The new one also gets screwed down and then the coating of roof sealant to finish the installation top side. I actually finished this job the next day allowing 24 hours for the sealant to completely cure.

Today was the day to have the tire fixed that has a slow leak in it. A couple Blog posts back tells about what happened to that tire.

Being a “truck” tire and wheel, there aren’t many places around that can work on these tires. I have done business with Leslie Tire Co. in the past and have had good luck with them, so they were my choice of who would get the chance to fix my tire.

I loaded the tire in the trunk of the car and headed for Leslie Tire. They have several tire outlet stores close by, but the one I needed was their Commercial Truck Tire store. I rolled the tire in to their store and within 10 minutes they were working on the tire. It’s just amazing watching these young men work on all these “huge semi tires”. No large air operated machines to remove these tires. All done by hand with large special tools. Those guys make it look so easy! But I know betterDisappointed smile. My tire looked like a go-cart tire next to some of the tires they were working on.


Within a half hour they found, and replaced the culprit of the small leak. The valve stem needed to be replaced. All fixed and the $18.48 bill paid, I was off heading back home to re-mount the tire back on the Motorhome.

A little history here on this particular tire and rim. I’ve always had a shimmy from the front tires. They had been previously balanced by another tire dealer when I bought the tires several years ago. The balancing job was inferior as the weights were too large and were thrown from the wheels. When we arrived in Florida this past March, I removed both front tires, loaded them in my car, and had a “specialty tire shop” balance them. They pointed out to me that this wheel had a slight flaw to it and that I probably would still feel a slight shimmy. They suggested I re-install it to the inner wheel of the dually. This is exactly what I was going to do when I’m home in Michigan, not at the RV park in Florida. The tires were replaced on the front of the Motorhome in Florida. When we left Florida we drove about 100 miles when my Tire Traker tire monitoring system detected this tire going flat. You can read about that on a previous post.

So this brings us to today. The troubled wheel awaits for it’s new home as the inner tire of the dually. Let the tire changing begin! Laughing out loud


What you see above is the “repaired” tire laying flat. Next to the jack is the rear tag axle tire, (which is still mounted). The middle tire above is the “outer dually tire” and the tire standing to the far left is the “inner dually tire” that will be balanced and re-mounted on the front.

So when the complete tire rotation job is complete, I will have handled 4 tires and made 2 trips to Leslie Tire Co.

Hopefully all this work is not in vain and the slight shimmy in the front will be eliminated. Time will tell.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Droid Bionic and a Walk in the Park

Today is day 2 with my new Droid Bionic Smart phone from Verizon. Wow do I have much to learn! This sure isn’t my old standard cell phone by no means.

I’m getting the hang of it a little at a time. The following pictures is a good demonstration as to how much I still have to learn.

Wilma had a great idea this afternoon. “Why don’t we stop at Subway, get us a small sub for lunch, and go to George George Park to enjoy the lunch and weather. Plus an added feature, we can get in a good walk!


As we started our walk I mentioned to Wilma, “Darn, we should have bought our camera for the Blog”. Then it dawned on me. I have an 8 mega pixel camera on my phone! Embarrassed smileSo I took a few shots with it.


I had a very hard time seeing what I was taking, as the sun was pretty bright. The sunglasses I was wearing didn’t help much either!


Clicking away and hoping for the best. After all I thought I would be able to use Picasa to doctor them up if needed.


After about an hour, the skies were getting darker and it looked like rain might be heading our way. We headed back to the car, Kybee was happy to get to the car as he was all tuckered out from his walk.

I get home and uploaded the photo’s. Yikes! When I uploaded the photo’s to the computer I was shocked! What the heck! How come these photo’s are coming out like they were taken in the morning fog and dew?

I was able to doctor them up the best I could with Picasa, but as you see they aren’t the best for a camera of this quality. At least that’s what I’m thinking.

After doctoring them up on the computer it hit me. Did you remove the protective plastic film from the camera lens? Embarrassed smile NO I DIDN’T! Steaming mad 

See, I’m still in the learning zone. I guess that’s why they are called “Smart Phones”. They make you feel so dumb trying to figure all this stuff out.

The protective shipping film is now removed, so let’s hope the next photo’s come out much better.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Entering into the “Smart Phone” World

I’ve been pondering about smart phones for some time now. Which way to go, Android or IPhone.

I’ve observed others using their Smart Phones, both Android and IPhone, but have never laid my fingers on one.

Today I made a bold move. I made the call to Verizon and after talking a couple hours to the techs, getting their best deals, I made the decision on This Droid Bionic Phone.


It seems that I’ve entered another learning curve next week. But really, how hard can they be to operate? After all I read The Geeks On Tour Blogs with all their informational video’s available. Chris is a great teacher, and you can’t help to learn from her information and video’s.

So, Please wish me well on my new learning excursion. If you have any tips, tricks, or suggestions please don’t hesitate to comment and help guide me.

Oh yea…one last thing….Thank you my hon, for not being too upset with me for making the move to a smart phone. I love ya! Smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Birthday Celebration for Rebecca

Today we celebrated our Grand Daughter Rebecca’s 12th. birthday. A few weeks ago Rebecca had the idea to celebrate her birthday at the George George Park. I’m happy we had a bright sunny day with temperatures in the mid 60’s.


Along with the family, she invited a few of her friends to share her party with.


Everyone had a great lunch of Little Caesars Pizza and instead of a Birthday cake, cupcakes were in order.



As with all our family functions, there is time for some goofing around. Both daughters posed behind me and I just had a feeling something was about to happen.


Yep….I was on the receiving end of a “Wet Willie”!


Then “My Girls” had a photo shot. No goofing around for these beauties!


Have a Happy Birthday Rebecca! Have fun this year because………next year starts those “terrible Teen” years. Winking smile


Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Thoughts of next year's Florida Trip

We have been back home now for a few days, and I am still busy unloading the Motorhome, cutting grass, catching up on family visits.....the list goes on and on.

But mostly....I'm having a tough time getting used to this cool weather. As I post this blog, it's 41 F. outside with the sun shinning and bright blue skies. The same kind of skies as we were getting used to in Florida. But 41 F. brrrr.

We have already made our reservations for next year in Florida. Next year we will be staying outside the city of Arcadia. We were fortunate to find a nice RV park that also furnishes storage at a great price. If this park turns out to be a nice park that we would like to return to, then I probably will be leaving the Motorhome there in storage. I have figured the total gas price of traveling from Michigan to Florida and back. The total I spent was very close to $1900.00. If the cost goes up over $3.85 per gallon next year than of course the total cost will go up also. The cost of storage being just $25 per month is looking much better, even if I have to store it for 10 months. Plus, I plan on not putting plates on it when it's in storage, which will save me close to $300, PLUS dropping the Insurance to just fire and theft should save me another $600 per year! It just keeps making more and more sense to leave it down in Florida and drive my car back and forth. Wilma is also thinking about it. It's just hard to think of leaving a piece of us in Florida as we drive away next year!

For today we are planning on celebrating our Grand daughter, Rebecca's, 12 birthday. The next post will be on that celebration with pictures.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

On our way home…Tire Going Flat!

We left Oak Haven RV Park this morning at 9am, after talking to the owner, George, about possibly getting a site for next January and February. He seemed to think that they might have 3 sites available, but I should talk to his wife as she does the bookkeeping. Tomorrow I will probably call her and discuss the availability for next year.

This must be the designated “head north day” for all the snow birds! I-75 was loaded with RV’s of all kinds heading North.


The day was looking great, nice cool breeze blowing in the windows as we headed North with the rest of the world. A little later as it became warm I put on the dash air. Well, I pushed the right buttons, but no air! Another job for me to look at when we get home. We will just have to drive with the windows open for the rest of the trip.

We weren’t on the road for more than a couple hours and my “Tire Tracker” sent out an alarm. The right front tire seems to be leaking air slowly. I mentioned to Wilma to take the Garmin and find a TA or Pilot truck stop nearby. She found one just 9 miles away, the only problem is we had to head back South to get to it.

The tire was showing just 41 PSI when we arrived at the TA Truck stop and looked half flat. Normal pressure for that tire is 70 PSI.

I got the tools out to change the tire, dropped the spare tire that is the original spare, and proceeded to change the tire.

I have to say that the “Tire Traker monitor system just paid for itself in the first trip using it.


I bet you can tell I’m not a “Happy Camper” at this moment. Thank God that the spare had 62 PSI of air in it so I knew it was good.


As the temperature was in the mid 80’s I didn’t hesitate to use some of the shade the Semi was casting next to me. Within an hour the tire was changed and the Tire Tracker monitor installed on the new spare tire. I had to drive around to the diesel fuel pumps to get to an air hose to pump up the new tire to the 70 PSI limit.

Meanwhile Wilma was inside making us a ham sandwich for lunch. Together with a cold Pepsi, I was able to cool down and relax a bit. Another thank goodness for a generator and air conditioners.

Back on I-75 North we headed for our next stop, Valdosta, GA. Our Garmin tells us that there is a Super Wal-Mart there that will allow us to park in the lot for the night.

Around 4:30PM we pull in the Wal-Mart lot along with 2 other Motorhomes. Poor Kybee is gasping as the temperature inside the Motorhome is now 85 F. I started the generator and turned on both roof air conditioners.

It is now 5:30PM and Kybee is on the bed sound asleep. The temperature inside is now around 78 F. He is a happy dog!

Wilma just went inside the store to purchase something for us to eat for dinner. We always make a point to spend some $$$ at the Wal-Mart stores that allow overnight RV parking. Thank You Wal-Mart!

Hopefully we will travel without any other set backs. Looking forward to arriving home around Wednesday.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.