Sunday, May 27, 2012

Celebration with Friends, Brooke’s BDay

Gary and Cheryl, our best friends, invited us out to their home for the holiday week end to eat, drink, and sit around a campfire. So Wilma and I packed up our Motorhome on Friday morning and was at their home by 1PM.

As soon as I pulled into their drive I noticed something not quite right. There were three pieces of cement block in a circular shape in their drive. At a closer look we found that Gary was protecting a nest of 4 eggs of a Killdeer bird.


She wasn’t very happy with me as I approached to get a photo of her eggs. She let me know by giving me her verbal and physical warnings.


But I did get a photo of the 4 eggs among the gravel. Look close and you can see them.


We sat around just visiting this Friday afternoon, enjoying each others company. Wilma and I knew that it would be an early bed time for us as Gary was not feeling very well. Seems he ate some bad coleslaw, going against Cheryl’s warnings. After a while we all made jokes of how many times he had to head for the bathroom. Final count 14! Sick smile

Saturday morning came and Gary was feeling much better. We helped set up several games for his expected Grandchildren who would be arriving later in the day.


Several games were set up, Badminton, Bocce Ball, Washers along with getting rides in the garden wagon pulled by the riding lawn mower.


Dinner time came and Wilma was elected to be the chef. What a great job she did too, even before Gary helped her out at the grill.


After dinner everyone enjoyed the games, and the campfire. Speaking of the campfire, Wilma and I left the fire at 1:30am! What a wonderful time we all had.

Sunday morning we were woke by the distant sound of thunder. Seems there was a severe thunderstorm just north of us. It did get us out of bed by 7:30am to fold up the awning, bring in the slide, and wind up the electrical cord. I really didn’t want to wait it out and get possibly soaked. As it turned out we only got a few rain drops and everything was put away when the rain did start. We helped Gary and Cheryl pick up the items left in the yard from the party prior to leaving. Hugs and kisses and we headed home from a really enjoyable week end.

After arriving home around 1pm, we unloaded the fridge and clothes closets. Had a short rest and then got ready to go over to daughter Angel’s home for Brooke’s 12th. Birthday Party.


The pool was opened this weekend and the Grandkids were enjoying the warm water of the pool along with the Pizza, Salad, Cupcakes, and Pie for dinner.


The Birthday Girl was the first one in line and at the table. Everyone enjoyed dinner and then it was time to open the gifts.


Cousin Savannah was the first to present a gift. Followed by the rest of the family.


I believe she was very happy with the gifts she received.

Even Great Grandpa, who celebrates his 85th. birthday on the same day as Brooke, was presented with gifts. Something he wasn’t expecting at all.



What a wonderful family gathering and a fun time for all. Wilma and I headed home planning on enjoying the remainder of the day together.

Arriving home we were greeted by our neighbors’ grandchildren with some disturbing news. Grandma, 95 years of age had passed away at 2PM Saturday. They were all at her bedside and she was not in any pain or discomfort. We both were so close to that family that we felt she was our Grandma also. Wilma and I were expecting this day to come soon, but never wanting it to arrive. The three Grandchildren, Charlie, Ann, and Susan gave Wilma a very special item that belonged to their Grandmother that she wanted Wilma to have. This touched Wilma in a very special way, that she will always have something of hers that meant so much to Grandma. Wilma and I thank you for such a loving, and thoughtful deed you all just did. Grandma Kohler will always be in our hearts and minds, every time we look at her home, we will think of her loving smile and personality.

Be with Jesus Grandma Kohler. You will be missed here, but we will see you again in Heaven.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Week of hard work, and the Move is Done.

It has been a week of constant work in high gear for us and Daughter Tina.

Last Monday afternoon Tina closed on her home. From the closing I headed to Home Depot to purchase new outside door locks. An hour later we arrived at her new to her home to install the door locks. We both took a tour of the home inspecting every inch and to our amazement found that the copper water lines in the basement had been removed by a thief!


The water was going to be turned on by the city the next day, so we were both upset that she would not be able to start her cleaning until I replaced all the missing water lines.


At least we were fortunate that the hot water tank and the air conditioning condenser weren’t taken!

After installing the new door locks, I moved to the basement with pencil, paper, and tape ruler in hand to start making a parts list of copper pipe and material I would need to purchase the next morning.

Tuesday morning I was at Home Depot at 8 AM purchasing the first amount of parts that was needed. Making a long story short, I finished the installation of the new copper plumbing by 11 PM that evening. That’s 14 hours of working, with 3 return trips to Home Depot to pick up more parts. Job is complete and working Laughing out loud!

Wednesday the Gas Company arrives to turn on the GasSmile. The Electric was turned on Monday. The City arrived and turned on the water Smile. The Carpet rep arrived and Tina signed to have new carpet installed in the living room, hall and bedrooms on Friday. She now wants to paint the living room, hall and bedrooms prior to the carpet installation. So she starts painting as the day is coming to a close and Wilma and I go home to rest.

Thursday morning back at Tina’s home painting, all day. When we would call it a day Tina kept going into the late hours continuing the painting.

Friday morning and I’m working on the Savannah’s bedroom painting. Can’t work too late in the morning as the Carpet installers are scheduled to be here at 1 PM. They arrive at Noon.


Rebecca, Haley and Tina watching the carpet installation.

Then AT&T arrives at 2 PM to install TV and internet service. By 4 PM the carpet installers are done and leaving. AT&T is just about to finish up with final setting up of the laptops to get on the wi-fi. He completes this by 6 PM and leaves. Tina goes over with me when to pick her up to go get the moving truck at 9 AM Saturday. She says she has already had commitments from several guys to help with the moving of the heavy items. Great I’m thinking as I really hate to have to handle the Washing Machine, Refrigerator and any other “heavy” items. I leave to go home for the day.

Saturday morning, 9 AM we have the Truck.

By 10 AM we are at her Mobil Home ready to load the truck. She is starting to panic as her help is not showing up! A couple neighbors came over to start helping, thank goodness! Within an hour 2 more men showed up to move the heavy items. By 1 PM all the household items were relocated at the new home and Tina and I returned the truck by the 2 PM closing time. Wilma had made Sloppy Joe’s along with potato salad, chips, and pop. We all sat under the shade tree in the back yard enjoying our lunch and the cool shade from the tree. It was by now in the mid 80’s.

At 4 PM Tina and Haley made a “last trip” to the Mobil Home. Finding that the neighbors have already started to ransack the place taking the window screens etc. She of course is upset to no end, even though she is turning the Mobil Home over to the Park, free of charge. There were a few small boxes that Haley and herself loaded in the car. Wilma ended up going over to meet her just in case she needed more help. She did and Wilma phoned me telling me to get to the Mobil Home as Tina didn’t have enough room in her car for all that was left. Three car loads and the place is finally empty! Including the light bulbs! Laughing out loud Wilma heads back to our home as she is totally exhausted. I follow Tina to her new home for the unloading of the two cars, which Haley, Rebecca and Dakota did. I hooked up the washer, stove and put the beds together before calling it a day. We are all soooo tired, every joint hurts!

Sunday…..Day of well needed Rest for Wilma and I. But I did manage to plant the bean seeds in the Garden, which only took me about an hour. This evening we will be celebrating my Fathers 85th. Birthday. All the families will be meeting at a local restaurant for dinner then over to my brothers home for cake and ice cream and birthday wishes for Dad.

Tomorrow back to Tina’s home for final hook up of the dryer, and odd’s and end’s.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day/Birthday Celebration

First of all we would like to extend our wish to all Mom’s for a very Happy Mothers Day today.

My gift to my wonderful wife for mothers day is to cook a delicious chicken dinner. Of course as both our daughters, Angel and Tina are mothers, they were also invited along with the Grandkids.

The oven fried chicken along with mashed potatoes and gravy, dinner rolls and green beans with the onion and bacon added was a big hit with everyone. We all ended out on the deck to enjoy the sunny weather and our dinner.


As soon as the food was placed on the kitchen counter the line was formed. Mom’s were first in line followed by the Grandkids and myself bringing up the rear. There was heard many oooossss and aaahhhssss as everyone first saw the food. I guess it pays to wait until 1pm to eat. That way everyone is really hungry!


Of course I had to stand at the front of the line watching everyone’s plate full. Handing out a joke or two if needed. Winking smile


After everyone had enjoyed their dinner, it was time for the grandkids to give Nana her Mothers day gifts.

From the look on her face she was very happy with her gifts.


Here are two solar powered dancers. I guess that’s what you might call them. As the sunlight hits them they shake back and forth like their dancing.


Brooke shows the special T-Shirt the Grandkids made for her.


Here is the entire family minus our Grandson Dakota, who was visiting his dad today, but still extended his wish to his mom and Nana for a happy Mothers Day.


Then it was time to give Pa his birthday presents. Rebecca was the first in line to give me a present from her Mom, brother, sisters, and herself. A bag of Pistachio nuts that will take me a year to eat! Open-mouthed smile


Brooke was next with a gift from herself and her mom Angel.

A great shirt showing off my favorite baseball team!


Not expecting anything else, my hon gives me a gift that took me by surprise.


A new hummingbird feeder that will go up close to our other feeder. Hopefully we will attract more than a few hummingbirds this summer.

DSC_5598Of course there is always a prankster in our photo’s!

Savannah got a good laugh as she gives me “Bunny Ears”.


We feel so blessed to have our wonderful family. Today was just another beautiful day given to us to enjoy.

Until next time, be safe and God bless.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Kybee returns from the Vets

Kybee had an experience today that he has never had in his life!

We had an 8am appointment with the Vetenerian today to get a teeth cleaning. Of course I knew this was going to include a sedative so the techs could do a good job at cleaning his teeth.


I was told to expect a phone call sometime between 3pm and 7pm to come pick him up. The tech told me that they had 3 other appointments today and she didn’t know exactly what the order would be. I left and around 1pm I received a phone call. Kybee was doing fine however there were 3 teeth that needed to be removed. One of them was a back molar, as the gum was so inflamed by the tarter that the root was being exposed. Poor guy, he never showed any signs of being in any kind of pain like that must have been giving him. Crying face

Around 3pm another call was received and I was told I could come and pick him up. I didn’t waste any time going to get him, was there within 20 minutes.

They went over the complete procedure they did along with before and after photo’s. I was pleased they were so thorough, paid the fee, and carried him to the car. He did real good in the car on the way home. I could just imagine how dizzy he still was, and comparing it with the way a person feels after an evening ‘hitting the bottle’.

It’s now close to 9:30pm, he is laying on a blanket beside my chair as I write this blog. He still shows signs of being a little wobbly, hasn’t been able to drink any water or eat anything as of yet.

Poor little guy, I feel bad for him, but hopefully tomorrow he will feel much better. Especially after he starts receiving the pain meds and anti biotics that I have to give him.

In 2 weeks he has a follow up appointment to make sure everything is healed up fine.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden ½ Planted

Today the weather was just perfect for working in the yard. First on the agenda was planting our  tomatoes. This only took up ½ the garden so Wilma and I decided to fill it up the rest of the way with Green Beans. I will probably go to the store tomorrow to get the Bean seeds.


This shows just half the garden, the other half is along the fence to the right of the picture. I believe we purchased around 14 plants this year.

Last year Greg, Wilma’s cousin, showed us how he makes tomato juice. It tasted so delicious I decided to expand the garden for this year and plant tomatoes. Enough to not only enjoy in our salads and on our burgers, but to can some juice also.

From the garden I focused on the lawn. It needed a good edging and mowing. While I was mowing, Wilma went to the nursery to purchase her flowers for planting in her flower beds and pots.









100_2088We are hoping that the red flowers by the hummingbird feeder will help attract the hummingbirds this year again. Last year was the first year we had hummingbirds visit us and we had a ball watching them.



The one corner of the yard is starting to look a little colorful with the added flowers. As they grow I’m sure it will look prettier by the day.

Needless to say Wilma and I were both pretty tuckered out when we finished with our chores. We sat on the deck with a cold glass of ice water and took in the beauty of the yard.

Tomorrow brings more things to do. The motorhome is needing my attention again. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tomatoes and Plates

We have been very busy this past week. Today we took the time to go to the local Farmers Market downtown. This market is hosted every weekend by the city in the summer, and invites the local farmers to bring their produce to the city to be sold. We knew it being early there wouldn’t be any fresh vegetables, but we were just looking for annual flowers and tomato plants. There were a couple good deals, but not enough for Wilma and I, so we then headed for the local Farmers Market Produce Store. This is where we ended up purchasing most of our plants for this summer.


Now I’ll have to keep a sharp eye on the weather predictions. Can’t leave these plants out over night if a frost might be expected. So I’ll play the “moving game” for next few weeks, from the deck to the garage and back again.

After lunch in our favorite restaurant, Dee Dee’s, we arrived home and I commenced to put the new license plate tabs on our vehicles. Every year on my birthday, the tabs expire and have to be bought and placed on the license plates.

It occurred to me that the state is doing this whole thing wrong! They should be “giving” me the tabs as a birthday present Open-mouthed smile not me giving them a gift of cash for these small sticky thingies that go on our license plates.


Yea I know… such luck. But it was a funny thought any way.