Saturday, June 30, 2012

Motorhome gets New Mini Blinds

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Last October I re-strung a few of the blinds/shades in the Motorhome. It wasn’t the easiest job to do, but I figured if I could get another 5 years out of them it would be worth the time and cost to me.

Today I started replacing those same blinds/shades. They didn’t even last a year. Three out of five had broke the cords again.

Original Blind with broken cord.

Wilma and I decided to replace the original 16 year old blinds with new 1” plastic Mini Blinds in the Sand color.

As the temperatures were in the mid 90’s today, I just plugged the Motorhome into the Garage outlet and turned on the Air Conditioner. At least I would be able to work in a little comfort! Smile

I was able to replace most of them myself, except for the one over the table and couch. They were long enough that I needed Wilma’s help to get them clipped into their holders. 

New Mini Blinds in Bedroom.

New Mini Blinds in Kitchen Table Area.

Original Blinds above Couch area.

We are pleased with the new blinds, and with luck I won’t have to replace them ever.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kybee, Thunder and Fireworks.

Kybee, our little Pug, just hates any kind of Popping noise. Be it Thunder, Fireworks, or even the Bubble Wrap packing material.

I felt so sorry for him that last year I did a search on the internet about it. Came up with many articles, even YouTube video’s about a product called a Thundershirt. I thought, can this be so? So I took the hook and bought one for Kybee.

Not Kybee but it is a couple dogs with the Thundershirt on. thundercoat

We tried it on him following the recommendations. Needless to say he really didn’t care for it, but we had him wear it an hour just to get used to it, without any thunder or loud noises. Then a couple weeks later a storm was brewing, and I put it on him before any thunder was heard. He didn’t seem to mind it this time and acted like himself. That is until the first loud crack of thunder. The Thundershirt was not working! Repeated steps from other storms had the same outcome. It just didn’t work.

Last May he had an appointment at the Vets for teeth cleaning. I noticed they had a Thundershirt on display and now sell them. I mentioned to our Vet, Dr. Mark Hackel, how I had one of those Thundershirts and it didn’t seem to work. He explained it only works on about 50% of the dogs, and that you have to get them used to it when they are very young.

I explained how he gets when there is any kind of loud popping noises. He recommended what he uses. Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief for Pets. With his recommendation I purchased a 10ml. bottle for $20.00.

Arriving home from getting his teeth cleaned, I told Wilma about the conversation I had with our Vet. Showed her the small bottle of Stress Relief, and said we shall see how this works, with the Thunderstorm and Firework season upon us.


So, here is the results folks. IT WORKS!!! Wilma and I are very happy with how it settles Kybee down. It takes just 4 drops squirted in his mouth. He swallows it without any fuss, and within 15 minutes he is settled down even with the loud Fireworks going off.

So if your pets get anxious from loud Thunder or Fireworks, I strongly recommend you do the internet search or click on the link I furnished and purchase it for your pet. They will thank you for it.

Here’s proof: Kybee showing off his nice shiny white teeth, during the neighbors firework show.

Kybee with Teeth

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father’s Day with Family

We were under a weather threat of rain that might be in our area in the afternoon. Wilma and I prepared the deck to have our family over for a dessert dish following a lunch at Roseanne Kitchen Café. We were both keeping our fingers crossed that the rain might hold off for us.

Not only was my immediate family together with us for this special day, but my Brother Ken and his wife, Sister Judy, Sister Catherine and her family and Dad. Reservations were made but because of the unexpected rush of customers at the restaurant, we had to wait about 15 minutes past our reservation before they had room for all of us. After all we had a party of around 16.

Everyone seemed to have a great lunch and from the restaurant we all headed to our home to enjoy a Strawberry Short Cake dessert.

The rain didn’t hold off, and we all had to stay inside, but it didn’t dampen the spirits or festivities. A special Thank You goes out to ALL the ladies of the family who made this family get together a success. Especially to my wonderful soul mate, my loving wife Wilma! Love ya hon!


While the “Dads” discussed the troubles of the world, solving nothing, the gals were getting the desserts ready for all to enjoy.


Sister Judy saw to it that there were enough servings for everyone to enjoy.



Daughter Tina showing off her portion of dessert.


Youngest Grand Daughter Savannah with her smile from ear to ear.


Grand Daughter Brooke lets us know how she liked the dessert.

After all had finished their desserts it was time for the presentations of “Happy Father’s Day Cards and Gifts”. My father being first to get his cards and I also was presented with wonderful heart warming cards and gifts from my daughters. Thanks Angel and Tina AND all 5 of my Grandkids. Love you all so very much.

Our wish for a Blessed and Happy Father’s day goes out to all the dads and Grandfathers.

Until next time be safe and God Bless.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Glass Jug

Two weeks ago we lost a dear friend that we have known for over 20 years. Our neighbor Marjorie Kohler, was 95 when she passed. We had adopted her as our Grandmother, calling her Grandma Kohler. She was just 5 ft. but held so much life and happiness inside her, you just couldn’t help but to like her.

Wilma posted on Facebook her feelings this way:                                                                

She moved in as my neighbor over 20 years ago, can't remember the year. We shared our feelings, fears, hopes and dreams. Our love of flowers growing outside, being in the sunshine. She shared with me on many occasions stories of her growing up years, her devoted love for her family. History on different pieces of furniture that belonged to her grandmother and grandfather. I saw the pride and love in those eyes. She had such energy til this past year. She became family to us all, loving my grandkids one by one, kisses on their noses.. the hugs I've had are very precious to me.. She passed on Saturday, May 27, 2012.. She was 95 years young. Rest with the Angels, Grandma Kohler, you'll forever be in our hearts.

One of the stories she told Wilma was about the Glass Jug that her Grandfather gave her when she bought her first home. Her Grandfather said “This Glass Jug sat on my front porch for many a years, now I’m giving it to my Granddaughter so she can place it on her front porch”.

Grandma Kohler had told Wilma about growing up as a child and sitting next to that Glass Jug on her Grandpa’s porch. Showed her a picture that was taken with her family on that porch, the Glass Jug also in the picture. The Glass Jug sat on her porch for many years. Only being moved inside for the winters.

On Grandma Kohler’s passing, the Grandchildren gave the Glass Jug to Wilma.  They knew their Grandmother wanted Wilma to have the Glass Jug. How precious a gift it is. We don’t know the exact age of the Glass Jug, it has to be well over 100 years old. No matter, Wilma cherishes it with all her heart and will never let it go. It has meaning to her like no other.

Two weeks later, the Glass Jug is like new again. Being outside in the sun took it’s toll on it. It had a layer of what I think was green algae on the outside of it.


The algae was stubborn and very hard to remove, but it could not stand up to the Soft Scrub and a #3 steel wool pad.


It gave me a “run for the money” and I could not finish the job in one day. Being so very careful not to scratch, chip, or my worst fear break the Glass Jug. Finally the job was complete. The Glass Jug shinned, and you can see all the imperfections of the glass making process of that era. Beautiful, just Beautiful is all I can say about it, with it’s imperfections and it’s history.

Today, Wilma stands holding the Glass Jug, in front of the China cabinet that Grandma Kohler gave her many years ago. The china plates in that cabinet also was given to Wilma. You can tell there was a special love that radiated from Grandma Kohler to Wilma.



Your loving smile and stories will be sorely missed by us all Grandma Kohler. May you rest peacefully in the hands of God. Someday we hope to see you again in Heaven.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.