Monday, January 7, 2013

Air Boats, and a Visit from a Relative.

Yesterday while the weather was in the mid 80’s, Wilma and I took a bike ride to the river behind the  RV Park. It turned out to be a great little bike ride where we watched two owners of air boats launch their boats.

Getting ready for the launch

Local air boat being reddied for a launch

It wasn’t long and they were on their way up the river.

Air boats on their way up the river

Wilma mentioned that we had a little laundry to do so we headed back to the MH.

Our bikes with the "Kings Coach" attached.

We loaded the “Kings Coach” with a basket of laundry and Kybee, and off to the Laundromat here in the RV Park.

Hard at work doing the laundry

I and Kybee “kept guard” as Wilma managed the machines. It wasn’t long and we were back home with a basket of clean laundry.

Today we had a visit from Bruce, Wilma’s second cousin, and his girlfriend Jamie.

Bruce and Jamie live here in Arcadia, FL.

Wilma has never met Bruce, and it’s been at least 40 years since she has last seen his mother. Bruce and his girlfriend Jamie stayed at least 2 hours before they had to leave to go back home. We all had a great visit and we all look forward to our next get together.

Wilma and I then walked down to the club house where a shuffle board tournament was being held. They were also grilling burgers and hot dogs for those who wanted to purchase a lunch. A burger, or hot dog, or bag of chips, or a drink (diet coke or beer) would cost you 75 cents. If you wanted to purchase a complete lunch the cost would be $1.50. The lunch consist of a Burger or Hot Dog, a bag of chips, and a can of Diet Coke or a can of Beer. Guess what we ordered!

Our $1.50 lunch today

How can you beat it? A Burger, Beer, and a bag of chips for only $1.50!

For only $3.00 Wilma and I both had a lunch while enjoying the residents in their shuffleboard tournament.

It seems that almost every day, another great time is had by all here at Oak Haven RV Park.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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