Thursday, January 3, 2013

Car Wash and a trip to Arcadia, FL.

This morning I decided the Michigan salt just had to come off the car and bikes. So after breakfast, and before the temperature got up to the mid 80’s, I began the job of getting rid of the salt.

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Didn’t get any photo’s of the dirty car and bikes, everyone knows what salt and road grime looks like Smile.

Our Site #102

So I’ll add a few photo’s of the park that I took before our short trip to Arcadia.

Pool Area

I wanted to get a photo of the pool prior to anyone around the pool. I just feel funny taking photo’s around a pool area.

Outdoor Kitchen area

Shuffle Board Courts

We learned how to play Shuffle Board last year while we were in Naples, FL.

Looking down our Road

There is plenty of room between RV’s. Making you feel like your not on top of y0ur neighbor.

We…uh….should I say, I forgot to bring the camera with us to our trip to Arcadia, so there are no photo’s of Arcadia….yet.

We did find a good parking spot so we could walk up and down one of the main streets. Most of the stores were filled with antiques. However we did spot an Ice Cream store. Wilma went in to see if they had any sugar free ice cream, while I sat outside on a bench keeping Kybee company. Wilma came out with a cone and sugar free butter pecan ice cream, so I just had to let her keep Kybee as I went in to buy me a cone with sugar free chocolate ice cream.

And that was it for the day!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. Oh I know all about that salt on vehicles. The day after we arrived here, the Wis/Minn salt and road crud went down the Arizona drain. Hubby, said the front seat looked like he took the grandkids cross country. Can't take beans and make peas!!! Enjoy the warmth.