Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Englewood Beach, FL.

The sun was just coming up this morning while we had our coffee outside on the patio. Last nights’ dew was dripping from the awning, and the temperature at 7:30am was already up to 72F. with a weather forecast high of 85F.

7:30am. Enjoying coffee on our patio

Sounded like a great day to head for the beach and look for more Sharks Teeth. We have 4 other Grandkids who would really like some Sharks Teeth, so Pa and Nana were on a mission.

On the beach near the restroom structure

Palms by the Restroom structure

We headed for Englewood Beach with finding Sharks Teeth on our mind. Well not only that, but to watch how long we were in the sun. Didn’t want to fry like a French fry.

Englewood Beach Old Crowd

Pelican waiting for lunch

We paid $2.00 for close to 3 hours parking. We lasted 2½ hours which was more than enough sun for us today.

From the beach we wanted to find a small restaurant to have lunch. Garmin GPS to the rescue. We chose Stefano's Family Restaurant and a great choice it was. I looked at some of the negative comments on the link and didn’t agree with them at all. This was a great restaurant and I would highly recommend it.

Wilma's Salad

Wilma's Lunch, Chicken Pot Pie

Wilma and I both enjoyed our lunch and can’t complain on the final cost. Our waitress and the food was just great!

Fred's Lunch

We found out after talking to the waitress, who had worked there for 11 years, that most of the food is prepared there. Not bought from a restaurant food supplier. I believe our plates were definitely prepared in their kitchen. Was it ever tasty.

Our Sharks Teeth catch of the day

Arriving home, we took a close look at our “Sharks Teeth”. Some of them could be questionable, but I know the Grandkids will really appreciate them. Wilma and I were both disappointed we couldn’t find more of them today. We talked to many people on the beach today who were looking for them and they all said they were having trouble finding the teeth today. Oh well, there’s always another day to go back to the beach to Shark Teeth Hunt. Open-mouthed smile

Not much else going on today. Tomorrow might be a laundry day Confused smile and if it’s not too warm, a day to apply some wax to the Motorhome.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless


  1. you guys are looking so tan! Sure beats the soggy, foggy weather we're having up here in Michigan. Miss you both and love you


    1. I and your mom got a little too much sun. We are both pretty red, but thankfully neither of us are in any pain. Hope we don't peel and the tan will be on it's way to getting better.

  2. The beach sounds great.....could use some sun rays! You guys sure know how to pick 'em.....lunch looked yummy!

  3. glad you two are enjoying life. Great to beachcomb for treasures. Us old folks need sunblock 50 and a wide brim straw hat. Old Bob wishes you a wonderful time.