Sunday, January 27, 2013

Frosty Fridge Fins

Just three things I needed to complete today. Defrost the fridge, make a run to Wal-Mart for some items and gas, and stop at Punta Gorda Water Plant to get some free water.

RV Fridge Frosty Finns

Clean of Frost buildup

So here is a question to those RV’ers. How do you defrost your RV Fridge? Leave me a comment if you would. Me? I use a hair dryer on low heat and direct it away from the temperature sensor. My sensor is on the 4th. fin from the right. A close look at the photo above and you can see the clip holding the sensor. I do not want any heat hitting directly on this sensor.

The “blue box with battery” is my Fridge Fan. It’s supposed to make the fridge a little more efficient. Just sitting it next to the fins doesn’t seem to do anything, so I’m trying to angle it toward the Fridge Evaporator Fins. Time will tell I guess how well this little fan actually does.

After that little job was completed, I was off to Wal-Mart. Gas is $3.43 per gallon. It has been that price since we arrived here Jan. 1st. The Wal-Mart we always head for is located in Port Charlotte, FL. Our RV Park has an Arcadia mailing address but we are much closer to Port Charlotte. From Wal-Mart I headed over to I-75 for a quick 8 mile ride over Charlotte Harbor into Punta Gorda where the water plant is located. I filled up my containers and now have 12 gallons of fresh water. We feel much more confortable drinking that water over the well water from the RV Park. Even running the RV Parks well water through a carbon filter, we can still taste the “well water taste”. Most of the RV’ers here at the park do exactly what I did today for drinking water.

Tomorrow the weather man calls for afternoon temperatures to hit 82F. I might start to apply the wax to the motorhome tomorrow. We will see…..maybe just spend a lazy day lounging around the pool! Winking smileFull Moon between the Spanish Moss hanging from a Live Oak tree.

Did you see the moon this evening? Wow…just beautiful.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. We defrost the same way.....with a hair dryer on low heat. I am curious to about the fridge fan. Please let us know what think. I have never seen one before. I say...enjoy the pool. 82F is nice!

    1. Gay and Joe, I have to agree with Sam and Donna who commented below. Those little battery operated fridge fans are junk and a waste of money and space in your fridge. Don't waste your money on a purchase of one.

  2. First of all if you have to and don't have kid's opening the fridge doors ten time a day, I went 2 months between defrosting s last summer, which was 100 degrees most of the time. Also those little battery powered fans are junk.Look for someone that has an old computer power supply with one of those 3inch square black fans.Wire tie it to the bottom of the top shelf, and wire it to the power lead of the light so it is on all the time the fridge is on. Make sure it is blowing up toward the fins.Those babies put out some air and will keep your box a few degrees cooler even on the hottest days, I took a piece of paint stirrer and placed between two of the fins across the top shelf so nothing would slide and cover the fan while traveling. Total cost to me, Zero and about an hours time figuring how to do it.Even if you go to a computer shop and have to buy the fan it will only be a few bucks. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

    1. Thank You Sam and Donna, for the great idea of the computer power supply fan. I didn't know they were the same voltage as the little light inside the fridge.
      I've had that little battery operated fan for about 10 years now, and yes I have to agree they are just about rated as "junk". :)
      On our old RV Trailer I installed a "pancake fan" above the condenser on the rear of the RV fridge to get rid of some of the heat. That worked really well also. Too bad the makers of these RV fridges don't install at least a condenser fan.
      Thanks for the great idea, and I will be looking into installing one in my fridge.

  3. How often do we defrost? We full itme with three adulats. It seems about every six months. It certainly is a lot less than we expected. We use the same procedure as you do.

    We used to buy a cooler to hold the foood, until we figured out to put the food in the nathtub with a little ice, and cover it with a towel. No mess and the melting ice just goes down the drain.