Saturday, January 26, 2013

RV Park Garage Sale / Arcadia Antique Sale

This morning the RV Park was hosting their annual “Garage Sale”. It seemed that when we showed up around 9am, that everyone in the park was gathered in or around the Club House.

Tables of items for sale set up in the Club House

The "Manly" stuff was set up outside

We left the “Garage Sale” with a small Igloo Cooler for a buck, and 5 books for Wilma to read for a buck 50.

From there Wilma and I got in the car and headed to Arcadia. The last Saturday of every month the city hosts a “Street Antique Sale”. Wow, what an experience for us. It was like stepping back in time! Seeing items for sale that I remember from my Grandparents home.

Arcadia Antique Sale

Remember this guy?

The time got away from us, and we decided to eat a lunch in Arcadia in one of the local restaurants, Oak Street Deli.

Where we had our lunch

When we walked in the door we heard our names called out. Looking around we saw two couples from the RV Park that we previously met calling us over to their table. The place was packed, and if it weren’t for their invite we would have been there at least an hour waiting for a table. Plus the food we had was GREAT!

This evening the RV Park is hosting “Soup Night”. We are planning on attending that for our evening supper. The plus to that is we get another chance to meet some of the park residents. What fun people we have met so far and are looking forward to the parks events.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. The Oak Street Deli is quite busy.....a sure sign they have great food!

    Enjoy soup night! I like the pot-luck dinners. A great way to meet folks!

    Until next time.....enjoy!