Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An Evening at the Horse Races

Last evening, the RV Park had it’s 7th. annual “Horse Race” event, and a huge success it was.

We have heard our fellow RV’ers telling us about the event from previous years. Their excitement made it so easy to want to attend. We were not sorry we did as we both had a great time.

Everyone who attended received a free hot dog or sausage, seconds if you like. Soft drinks and beer were .50 cents a can.

Two Grills, one for the "Dogs" the other for the "Sausage"

Our Neighbor, and Bar Tender, Greg from Illinois

You received two “betting” sheets, one with the race schedule and the other for the “tellers” to mark which horses and how much you bet.

The "Bet" sheet, it shows in Race 1 I chose horse 1,2 and horse 5. for a bet of .25 cents each

Horse entries of the 10 Races.

It didn’t cost much to bet either, the first 4 races were only .25 cents per bet. The next 4 races were .50 cents per bet and the final 2 races were $1.00 per bet. These were the minimum bets. You could bet as much as you like, and on as many horses as you like. The more you bet, if your horse came in first, the more you would win.

"Russ" our organizer and commentator.

Listening to the "Rules of the Game"

Russ, our organizer and commentator, explained the rules of the Race. But before the races could start their was a “parade of fashion” for those who dressed for the occasion.

The "Parade of Fashion"

"Fashion Participants"

The Bell was rung, and the horses lined up in their positions.

"Oak Haven Downs"

"Track Maintenance" was called in to clean up the "Dropings"

The “Roll of the Dice” determined which horses advanced. If the dice rolled “double three’s” than horse #3 moved ahead 2 spaces. The crowd cheered on their horses “very loudly” hoping to help them along. Secret telling smileThe first horse crossing the finish line was the winner and the race ended.

The “Payout” wasn’t bad either. On most of the .25 cent bets they paid somewhere around $1.50 for every .25 cent bet. Wilma was one of the winners in the first two races! Open-mouthed smile I didn’t do so well. Didn’t win any race with any horse I bet on. Oh well, it wasn’t about winning and making a killing as it was in having fun and getting wrapped up in all the excitement of the racing. What a great time we had, and are looking forward to next year’s race!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. What fun! Looks like a nice crowd and everyone enjoying themselves!

  2. That looked like tons of fun!

  3. Such fun! It's amazing how easy it is to entertain us retirees!!!
    Now that I think of it, we did something similar on a Casino Bus Trip to the U.P. They made hand held horses on a stick and we raced them up and down the isles, to the dice rolls. Lots of hootin' and hollerin'!
    We've had a similar race at the local Bonita Springs Eagles, here. But they did it with a twist. They had Flamingos Races! They were about 3 feet tall, decorated and dressed up with different costumes (sponsors paid for them, and they also got judged by the participates for an extra prize) and then, they raced pool side. But still, with all the hoopla, and fun time. It was a hoot!
    In fact the Eagles that I belong to, at Secord Lake, MI, does one too. And they do it with Camels!!! Yep, they have Camel Races. Same idea, 3 foot cutout (plywood) camels, decorated and costumed, but pretty much the same type of race. Only thing different, they use a computerized program to give you "odds" on the betting. (yeah, it's grown a bit!, big party that day!).
    Glad to hear your having a great time in Florida -TOO! ~Dave D