Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Frog in Shorts!

This afternoon I decided I would help Wilma out and finish taking down the laundry that was drying on the line under our awning. I headed for my pair of shorts.

Shorts hanging on cloths line where frog was hiding.

Imagine my surprise when I took off the first cloths pin and this little guy was looking at me.

Shorts were hanging on the laundry line and found this tiny frog

I have to admit….I did a little jig when I first saw him. Besides….when was the last time YOU found a live frog in your shorts!!????! Disappointed smile

I called for Wilma, who was inside the RV watching TV, to grab the camera and get a photo of “Freddie’s Frog” Smile

Frog in my hand
After a few photo’s, I took him to the bush next to our awning. It took a little coaxing but he finally jumped from my hand to a branch from the bush.

Within a couple minutes he started changing colors

He seemed to start changing colors to blend in with the bark of the branch.

Can you see the frog?

I’m sure he will be ok….as long as he doesn’t end up in Wilma’s laundry next week. No telling what might happen then, Wilma screaming…the frog and laundry flying through the air….wow…what a thought! Open-mouthed smile

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. omg! I would react the same as mom lol.

    Freddie's frog is cute though xoxo


  2. Isn't it neat how they camouflage themselves?

  3. amen to screaming lol

  4. That little guy is really lucky you took the clothes off the line, and not Wilma. He may not have survived!!!!