Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Dinner

I wanted to take Wilma out to dinner to a special place for Valentines Day. We had asked several neighbors at the RV Park where a good “Sea Food” restaurant could be found. Dave, our Canadian neighbor, told us about Laishley Crab House. “A bit on the pricey side, but well worth it” was what he warned us.

We had some errands to do before dinner, and afterward I set the GPS to take us to Laishley Crab House.

Entrance to the Restaurant

As soon as you enter the outer door, you are greeted with the photo above. On both sides of this “wall” was a spiral oak staircase taking you upstairs to the restaurant. (These photo’s were taken with my phone, the reason for the lower quality).

The receptionist greeted Wilma with a Rose for Valentines Day and after asking if we would like a table inside or outside, we were escorted to a table inside, as the weather was cool and rainy.

Rose given to Wilma for Valentines Day

We ordered soup, Wilma the Clam Chowder and for myself, She Crab Soup. The waitress brought two orders of Clam Chowder by mistake, giving the extra bowl of soup to Wilma, and retrieved the “She Crab Soup” for me.

She Crab Soup

This was the very best “Crab soup” I’ve ever had!

Clam Chowder soup,

Too much clam chowder soup, so Wilma ended up taking the second bowl full home.

Then came our main course.

Wilma's Steak Dish

Wilma choose a Steak dinner, I chose the Lobster Lobster Lobster dish.

My Lobster Lobster Lobster dish.

We could tell immediately that these dishes were prepared by a “Real Chef” not those “hot grill cooks” you find at the local restaurants. Were these meals ever delicious!

Inside the Restaurant they even had a wine cellar.

The Wine Collection

The only thing that could have made this evening even better would have been to sit in the “Outdoor” dining area, where you had a view of the Peace River. The Peace River separates Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. The Peace River flows into Port Charlotte Bay which flows into the Gulf.

We both had a wonderful Valentines Day and look forward to more fun days here in beautiful Florida.

Until Next Time, Be Safe And God Bless.

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