Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Trip to Sarasota, FL.

The weather was forecasted today to be around 70F. so Wilma and I decided we would like to take a trip to Sarasota. We were aware that it is a large city, but we just wanted to go see the Yoder's Amish Village and Siesta Key Beach. So with the help of my Droid Smartphone, the addresses were found and put into the Garmin GPS.

Upon arriving at the Amish Village, I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the RV Park located across the 5 lane highway from the Village. I actually find it hard to call it an RV Park, more like an RV Parking Lot!

Has to be the WORST RV Park

The Village was much smaller than I expected.

Amish Village, Sarasota, FL

We found that there were only 3 buildings there. A souvenir shop, restaurant and produce store.

Souvenir Shop

Entrance to the Restaurant

After touring the souvenir shop, we decided we would like to have lunch at their restaurant. We both had the chicken dinner. One word to describe the food. DELICIOUS! The serving was so large, that we both brought half of our dinners home with us. Wilma then bought some produce at their produce store and we then headed for the Siesta Key Beach.

We first noticed that they have plenty of FREE parking along the beach.

Boardwalk from the parking area to Siesta Key Beach

We now realize why this beach was rated #1 of all beaches in the USA. Just beautiful sugar white sand, shallow swimming area in the beautiful Gulf, Life Guards year round, and the list keeps going. Just plain beautiful.

Looking South

Looking North

We couldn’t believe the size of this beach. Seemed to go on for miles but the web site says it only about a half mile long. I’ll tell you, that has got to be the longest half mile on record!

Sand like sugar

We walked along the water front, Wilma picking up small sea shells.

Shells from Siesta Beach

All along the beach are lifeguard stations, something you don’t see at many beaches.

Lifeguard Station, one of many

Because of the wind today, the beach was under a “Yellow Flag” warning.

The Gulls watch as Wilma walks by

The sea gulls just watched as we walked by within a couple feet of them. They are very used to people here at this beach.

The King of his Castle

The photo above is not zoomed in. We were about 4 feet from him before he flew off leaving his sand castle.

What a great time Wilma and I had today. This is a beach that we will be returning to again and again.

Here we are, on Siesta Key Beach, Fl.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Must be a lot warmer there than here in Georgia!

  2. Yoder's does have awesome food! It's been years since I've eaten there. My favorite in their chicken pot pie and coconut cream pie.

    As for Siesta Key, Oo la la! Always a favorite.

    Good pics.