Friday, March 1, 2013

A Visit with Friends Bob & Donna

Our friends Bob & Donna are on their way to Lake San Marino RV Park in Naples for the month of March, and decided to stop at Oak Haven Park where we are for a short visit.

Bob told me about an incident on their way here with one of their tires going flat. He had it checked out at a tire dealership but they found no apparent reason why it lost air. The tire was put back on their motorhome and they continued on their trip. When they arrived here, we took another look at the tire and noticed it was getting low.

To make a long story shorter….Bob drove his Motorhome to a local tire store, with myself riding along, to purchase new tires. After 3½ hours, Bob had 6 new tires mounted and balanced and we headed back to Oak Haven.

The 4 of us got into our car and we headed for Fisherman's Village to take in the scenery and have a lunch at one of the many restaurants there.

Arriving there we headed for our choice of restaurants. We chose Captain’s Table.

Restaurant at Fishermans Village where we had lunch

What a delicious lunch we all had! Highly recommended for those in the area.

Our outdoor dining table

Even though it was a bit on the chilly side, high 60’s, it was cool in the shade. After we placed our order with our waiter, we decided to move to a table in the full sun, which ended up being the table with the red umbrella in the photo above.

My Fishermans Platter

Wilma's Grouper Fish Sandwich

Donna's Salad

Bob with his salad

And the scenery was just great looking out over Port Charlotte Bay.

Port Charlotte Bay entrance to the Marina

After our dinner, Bob and Donna surprised us with taking the bill from us and treating us to our lunch! Thank You Bob and Donna!

Donna & Bob enjoying the scenery after a great lunch

The marina next to Fishermans Village

Returning back to Oak Haven, Bob noticed a tire going flat on his Motorhome!!! A phone call to AAA Road Service was made and by 8pm all the tires were checked for proper air pressure, AND the old rubber valve stem extensions removed. Bob, I and the man checking the tires all agreed that the stem extensions were bad and leaking air. After he completed the final check of all the tires, Bob, Donna, Wilma and I decided it was time to call it a night.

This morning I’m happy to report that all the tires on Bob’s Motorhome were still fully inflated and by 9:30am they headed out to Lake San Marino in Naples. We are looking forward to meeting up with them in a week or so.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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