Sunday, March 24, 2013

Andy’s Can Party

I first met Andy here on our way home from Florida last year. A sweet English fellow, a ‘no nonsense” kind of person. I didn’t know much about Andy as he passed away just after we arrived here this year. You could tell from the reactions of the people here at the park that knew Andy, that he was a very special kind of guy and would be very much missed.

Last evening, the park hosted another “Andy’s Can Party”. I just had to find out as much as I could about Andy by asking the others at the party.

The Club House Florida Room  It was his idea that there was a need to recycle the aluminum cans that could be collected through out the year. He took it upon himself to take all the collected cans to the recycle center, saving the funds collected, and have a party at the end of the “Snowbird” season. Being a huge success, the managers of the park designated an area near the dumpster for the collection of aluminum cans. Everyone seems to deposit their cans in the designated area, needing a weekly run to the recycle center.

Pool side This year there were at least 100 in attendance. Margareta's, Beer, Soft Drinks, Water and Pulled Pork sandwiches were all available for those who attended. A park resident DJ furnished the background music, and toward the end of the evening, Karaoke and dancing.

Great conversation was had by all George, our park manager, a very close friend of Andy’s, announced that even though Andy cannot be hear in person, he will always be here in spirit and this party in the future will always be known as “Andy’s Can Party” in his honor. An applause from all attending was loud and long for Andy! What a wonderful thing Andy started those many years past. I wish I could have known him as much as George.

Wilma and I had a great time at the party, socializing. We were warned of a possible problem when we were asked when we were leaving. It seems that leaving on April 1st. is not a very wise idea.

Our site 102 in the morning We were told of major traffic jams on that day heading north on I-75. Seems all the Snowbirds leave that day, plus you have the annual “Spring Breakers” who are heading back home.

Large Red Headed WoodpeckerStories of the Police in the rest area’s directing traffic because the area’s were full with no spots to stop and park. Traffic jams so bad that one year it took over 6 hours to get to Tampa, which is just  95 miles North of us!

This family of Herons held up traffic crossing the highway Hearing these stories from more than one or two couples, prompted Wilma and I to have second thoughts about our plan of leaving on the 1st.

We had lunch here at Perkins. This Egret watched us as we left. Our discussion while having our coffee this morning under the awning, was what day should we leave?

Wilma enjoying her morning coffee We discussed the pro’s and con’s of the different days to leave. Knowing that Wilma is getting a little home sick, I left myself open for her suggestions.

Kybee just has to lay his head down enjoying an ear scratch I just know it was very hard for her, but I’m giving her the credit for making the decision. We have decided to stay just one more day, leaving on April 2nd. to head for home in Michigan.

Port Charlotte weather We will be leaving this type of weather here in Florida, to highs in the 40’s forecasted for Michigan. Winter just doesn’t want to leave Michigan this year! We are going to FREEZE! But we miss our kids and Grandkids very much and that will make it all worth it.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. What a nice tribute to Andy!

    We were in all that traffic several years ago heading for GA. We were just on spring break that year....not full timers yet....and vouched to never be in the road that time of year!

    Enjoy your last week there!

  2. Our kids and grands are like strong magnets! They keep pulling us home.

  3. Your thoughts on traffic reminded me of one trip several years ago. It was the Friday after Easter, and we hit "the traffic jam from Hell", just south of Atlanta. It took several hours to get north, past Atlanta, and that was on one of the bypass loops! So, besides the first of the month, factor in the Holiday travelers, too. You should be good. As for me, I should be through Atlanta in the next day or two. I left Bonita Springs Sunday and will take a week getting back to Michigan. It's nice not having a deadline! Take Care, enjoy the nice weather while you have it. ~Dave