Saturday, March 9, 2013

Arcadia, FL. Rodeo

We knew it was going to be a perfect day as the weather forecast was for temperatures to be in the mid 70’s with clear blue sunny skies to attend a Rodeo.

Wilma and I were so excited to go to a “real” rodeo that we arrived a half hour before the gates even opened! We purchased our tickets and stood in line for the opening of the gates.The Grandaddy of em all

Our “bench seats” 7 & 8 in Section O, Row 2 were almost perfect. Close to the middle of the arena and within 100 feet of the “Bucking Shoots”.  I say “almost” because by mid afternoon we were in full sun. We sure were glad we had our Cowboy hats on!

We had some time to look around at the several Vendors selling their wares before taking our seat in the stands.

Need a pair of cowboy boots?

Need a cowboy hat

The sites and smells of those vendors selling food triggered our appetite, so we ended up purchasing a cheeseburger with a bottle of cold water.

Western items and food to purchase if needed

Another food vendor

After the cheeseburger we still had time on our hands so we checked out the area where the horses and bulls were kept.

Big Bad Boy Bull with Wilma

Wilma actually got within an arms length from the bulls! Couldn’t get close to the horses as there were bushes between us and the pens.

Some of the many horses in their pens

There was a “Gunfight” prior to the Rodeo events which got everyone’s attention mighty fast. Especially when the guns were fired! It actually got everyone in the stands in the mood and right frame of mind for a fun filled Rodeo!

The Shoot Out. Bad Guys on left were all shot dead.

The first event was the little ones riding sheep, or trying to.

Ride em kiddo!

Woops, didn't make it very far.

Then came to “Bareback Riding”. Think horses can’t fly? The horses were so fast out of the gates their feet were off the ground!

Horse off the ground, cowboy almost off the horse!

Next came the Steer Wrestling. The announcer said that the steer runs at a speed of around 30 MPH by the time the cowboy lands on it. How scary is that?!

Jumping off the horse to wrestle the Steer to the ground

Got a hold of the horns and twists

Both end up on the ground.

It was then time to give the cowboys a short rest and intermission time. So we were given a show from Jimmy Riffle of the “Gator Boys”.

Jimmy Riffle of the "Gator Boys"

He demonstrated several dangerous moves he does with gators. I think the most dangerous was putting his arm and hand inside of the gators mouth. I couldn’t get a photo of that as we were at a bad angle.

Takes two men to get the gator out of the truck

But Jimmy did allow everyone on both sides of the arena to get photo’s as he did each stunt twice, moving the gator to face each side of the arena.

Holding the gators mouth open with one hand

Even holding the gators mouth open with only his chin!

Holding the gators mouth open with his chin

After intermission it was time for Saddle Bronc Riding.

Saddle Bronc Riding

Loosing grip

Off He Goes

These cowboys are tough! After getting thrown from the horse, landing on the ground, they are up on their feet within seconds. I don’t think I would be able to pick myself up off the ground, that is if I could even manage to get up on one of these horses.

There were several more events scheduled. Barrel Racing, Tie-Down Roping, Team Roping, and Bull Riding, but the sun was getting the best of us and we had to leave early.

We both had an exciting and enjoyable day at the 85th. Arcadia all Florida Championship Rodeo. The Rodeo’s web site: Arcadia Rodeo

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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  1. I love rodeos, but I cannot recall ever seeing an alligator in one before:)