Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chili’s & the Shell Factory

Bob and Donna left for Naples around 9:30am yesterday and we had a couple hours before we were to meet Wilma’s cousin Bruce for lunch.

Our Lunch choice

They decided on meeting us at Chili’s in Arcadia for lunch around 1pm. We had a great lunch choosing their 2 for $20 meals. Afterward we sat and had a good long visit for another couple hours. What a great time we all had.

Cousin Bruce and Jamie

Arriving back home we just “hung out” until bed time. There is a cool front moving into our area and it made us feel a little sluggish and lazy feeling.

Sherry our neighbor came over and told us we were volunteered with them to help put on the breakfast in the morning. Great! Wilma and I now will learn the “ropes” of how different “volunteer’s” put on the once weekly breakfast here at the RV park. It was an early hour that we went to bed, having to be ready to “go to work” around 7:30am.

This morning Wilma and I walked to the Club House with Sherry and Greg, ready to help with the breakfast. Wilma was given the job of cooking the pan cakes and I had an easy job of supporting two others who were cooking the bacon and scrambled eggs. After about 45 minutes, the crowd was served and it was time for the help to get their free breakfast. Wow did it ever taste great!

After the clean up of the Club House, we were walking back to our Motorhome when I spotted another “Michigan” couple getting ready to leave and head back home. I went over and talked to them awhile, wishing them a safe journey and we will be seeing them next year. Great friends we have made while here.

A little after 12 noon Sherry came over and asked Wilma if we would like to go with them to The Shell Factory. That sounded like fun so off we headed, Greg driving.

Welcome sign inside the Shell Factory

The only word for description of this store is HUGE! We spent at least 2 hours walking up and down the isles looking at everything that is up for sale.

Some of the items for sale

It reminded me a little of a warehouse of souvenirs.

Coral of all makes and sizes

Several sections of the building housed Christmas items, Stuffed animals, and even an area for Pirates!

Our Pirate Pal

Some of our other Pirate Pals

If Pirates aren’t interesting, how about another section with Taxidermy animals.





Walking a little farther through the several areas of The Shell Factory and you feast your eyes on these two items:


Golf cart covered in sea shells

We did so much walking we worked up a hunger for an ice cream cone. Open-mouthed smile No photo’s of that though, but I will say they had sugar free ice cream for Wilma, and delicious ice cream for the rest of us.

After the ice cream, we headed for the exit to go back home. Wilma and Sherry needed a break first, as Greg and I just took in the scenery.

Sherry and Wilma having a smoke brake after a tour of the Shell Factory

Just across the parking lot is a great looking restaurant that we might have to try out in the next few weeks.

Across the lot from The Shell Factory is a great restaurant

The cloudy day and chilly weather, we didn’t hang around outside very long. We headed for the car and our trip back to the RV park. The weather man says it might get down into the low 40’s tonight! Disappointed smileBrrrrr. But talking to Dad on the phone a minute ago, he told me it’s going down to the mid teen’s tonight back home. Double Brrrrr.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. You gotta love those campground breakfasts! Kudos for helping and a free meal to boot. What a way to start the day.

    Loved the dune buggy! Ever played pinch buggy? I never win, the kids always do.

  2. I was in there last year. Never realized there were so many different kinds of shells. And they got 'em all, and more, lots more! And strange stuff. You guys stay warm, it's chilly up here at Disney, too. One more cool day. Only hitting 60, but improving all week, 70's and 80's. Life is Good... ~Dave

  3. I could spend hours in that store! Great pics and description Fred.