Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cold Nights, Warm Days

For the last two nights, Arcadia, FL has broke all the low temperature records. Last night it got down to 38 F.

Closing off half of the area in the motorhome kept it comfy in our bedroom area. But when I awoke in the morning opening the door separating the living area from the bedroom, what a shocker. It was down to around 48 F. in the living area! Brrrrr. I immediately plugged our second heater to start warming up the living/kitchen area. I knew it wouldn’t be long and the sun that would be shining through the window would help to heat up the area.

Outside temps were 38F. last night, inside....very cool Kybee took no time at all finding the warmest area. In the sunshine in front of the heater. He actually laid there close to an hour before the room was up to 72 F. and I unplugged the heater.

It really only takes about 3 hours to warm up outside after the sun comes up. Just amazing to us how quickly it warms up. Most mornings Wilma and I have our coffee outside under the awning. But this morning we chose to sit in the warmth of the sunshine.

Ellie's Winnebago next to Palm and Live Oak Trees Today was just picture perfect with the bright sunshine and blue, cloudless skies.

Spanish Moss hanging in the Live Oak Tree By noon we were in short sleeve shirts and shorts. :)

We watch RV’ers leave by the day now, and the park has many empty spots. It’s getting very quiet around here. We are planning on leaving this Tuesday.

Sunday our neighbors have invited us over for a smoked ham dinner. Monday evening the 4 of us are going to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Tuesday morning I will be putting the Motorhome in storage here and we leave this great park to head home. Driving the Chevy Malibu that gets 33 MPG is going to be much easier on the wallet than the Motorhome that gets a whopping 6 MPG.

So for the next few days we will be busy going through the Motorhome cleaning and packing the car for the trip home. We are getting anxious to get back home, but not looking forward to the cold weather that is still around back home.

Trip Home











Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. Safe drive back! (6 miles to the gallon? Yikes!)

    1. And that's why I'm leaving the Motorhome here in Florida!

  2. No matter the temps. They're better there than here (Milwaukee WI). Enjoy the trip home.

    We just topped off our Journey DL yesterday @ $3.75/gal and poured $201.00 down the filler. But at least we get 8 mpg. :-\

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  3. I sure am going to miss the blog reports on all the fun you have had. Safe trip home my friends. Old Bob the bandman