Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flat Tires and Dead Computer

It’s been quite a week and a half for Wilma and I. Two weeks ago I was telling Wilma that when we get back home to Michigan, I have to get new tires for the car. I must have jinxed myself because the very next morning we were going to go to the beach, and I noticed a “low tire alarm” on the dash. Checking the tire, the right rear tire, it showed only 20 lbs. of air pressure. The rest were showing the normal 40 lbs. of pressure. It was a very slow ride to the nearest gas station to put in a dollars worth of quarters to pump the tire up to the 40 lb. pressure.

We then headed south to Fort Myers where we were going to meet our friends Bob & Donna at Sanibel Island. We headed that way for 2 reasons. First, there is a Costco in Fort Myers where I was planning on purchasing new tires. I told Wilma that if the tire starts to loose air pressure we would head for Costco, if not we would head for the Island.

It turned out that the tire did indeed hold the 40 lbs. of air pressure, so we spent a good part of the day with Bob and Donna on the beach. I figured it was an omen telling me to buy new tires before we made the 1300 mile trip back home. Leaving the Island, Bob and Donna headed south back to Naples, while we headed for Costco.

Talking to the tire man at Costco, I determined which tires I would purchase the next morning as they were booked up for the day. It turned out that I did indeed get those tires the next morning and was amazed at the difference in ride from the old Firestone tires. Getting home I looked at them closer and noticed they were all looking half flat! Checked the pressure and they only had 30 lbs. of nitrogen in them. Knowing that in a few weeks I would have the car loaded heavy for our trip home, I did a search on the Droid Smartphone for dealers that had nitrogen. Finding one, I went there the next day and had them top off the tires to a pressure of 40 lbs. cold.

A few days later I just had finished up on paying bills on the computer when I turned it over to Wilma. She was on the internet only about 15 minutes when the computer just froze on her. I told her to just reboot it, which she did. We never saw the “desktop” again! The hard drive light just kept on, but nothing. I looked at the receipt from the replacement of the hard drive that I just had done, and it was only 20 some days ago. So I knew it was still under warranty. The next morning I made the 15 mile drive to the computer repair shop. They said it would be at least 24 hours before they could get it back to me. That actually turned out to be 4 days, as they do not do repair work over the weekends.

I got my computer back yesterday just before 5pm. and worked until almost midnight loading the programs I needed on it. I didn’t want them to do a “restore” of my backup this time, just a fresh new Windows 7 operating system on a brand new hard drive. My computer is running super fast again and I’m a happy camper! We are just holding our breath and keeping our fingers crossed that this hard drive will last many years to come.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. So glad all is in working order again. I have missed your posts....seems like it has been a really long time since the rodeo.

    At least you had some good beach time with friends.

  2. There's never a good time to have a flat tire. At least, in your case, you saw it before setting out on the road. Imagine if that happened while you were in the middle of a highway or so far from the nearest auto shop.