Wednesday, April 3, 2013

La Quinta Inn vs. Best Western

This is our second night on the road to home from Florida. We picked La Quinta Inn in Lexington, KY. for our stay tonight. Pets are allowed here for no extra charge. Something we like in a chain hotel.

Last evening we stayed at a Best Western in GA. and was charged a $15.00 extra fee for our pet.

Best Western charged us a total of $74.00, La Quinta charged us $54.00 for the same size room with all the same features.

My choice and recommendation: La Quinta Inn will be our choice from now on when traveling.

In GA this morning when we got on the road, the temperature was 50 F. When we arrived here in KY. the temperature was still 50 F. We actually put on the jackets for the first time in over 3 months!

Tomorrow we should arrive back home. We are getting anxious to be back home and see the family and friends.

Oh yes…here is an update on our Garmin GPS. We decided that we would like a  steak dinner tonight. I put the address of Texas Roadhouse in the GPS. It was located just 4 miles away. Following Garmin’s every turn, I ended up 3 blocks away at the local Golden Corral! So I took my Droid Smartphone, went to Google Maps App and it directed me to the door of the Texas Roadhouse. Yet another reason I’m not happy with my Garmin!

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.


  1. We like Best Western and Marriott because we earn and use points on our cards from these chains. HOWEVER, last time we stayed at Marriott in Portland, they charged us $100 pet fee for ONE night! That used to be our go to hotel when just going to Portland for a night. Think I'll see what La Quinta has to offer!!

  2. I stay at La Quinta a lot when I travel. They have a credit card you can get and then you get extra points for your hotel stays. Some of the LQ's are better than others and some even have a nice hot breakfast. No charge for pets is a great plus.

    Travel safe,


  3. D
    Garmin seems to be o. Drugs or something. We now use our version smart phone for directions.

  4. Unless there are scads of adjoining motels I don't think they see themselves as particularly price competitive. Motel branding is all bout perceived quality. I'd bet BW is higher than LaQ in most markets where they compete in the same way that Marriott Courtyard will be higher than... well, Super 8... duh.....

    I've been having the same misplaced point of interest issue with my Rand McNally RVND7720. I wonder if it is more the fault of whomever placed the original location pin. You know -- Garbage in, Garbage out.

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