Saturday, April 6, 2013

Made it home safe and sound

We arrived home on Thursday afternoon around 2:30 PM. Our home was a site for sore eyes. Wilma and I both were anxious to get out of the car and inside our home. After living in our 38 foot Motorhome, our home seems so huge inside!

Angel, our daughter had turned up the heat several hours before we arrived so the house would be warm for us when we arrived. She said her daughter Brooke said “Mom, it’s colder inside the house than it is outside!” I had the thermostat set at 50 F. while we were gone.

With no food in the house we headed for our favorite restaurant for dinner. The owner, DeeDee, was happy to see us again and commented several times on our tan.

Yesterday the day was filled with un-packing the car, putting all the items we bought back with us away. Then we headed for Costco and Meijer to do our grocery shopping.

Yesterday evening was spent updating our two desk computers. Wilma’s XP had 28 updates, my Windows 7 had 32 updates that needed to be downloaded and installed. Then the Documents from the laptop had to be copied over to my desk computer.

We were exhausted from the busy day by 10 PM and called it a day.

Our trip on I-75 was almost perfect. We saw 3 seperate 5th. wheel RV’s have tire problems. One of them directly in front of us had a blow out! Pieces of rubber and plastic from the 5th. wheel being flung over the highway. You just can’t help to feel bad for those people.

The Semi Truckers though are constantly loosing more and more of my respect. Back 2o some years ago, truckers were known to be the safest drivers on the road. Today, after watching several of them swerving from one side of their lane to the other, sometimes actually running off the road as if they were falling asleep, convinces me that they are becoming the “Road Hazards” we all dread. Of course not all truckers are un-safe, but for those that are, you know who you are and I pray you don’t end up getting killed or killing others out there on the highway.

Tomorrow we celebrate our Grand daughter’s 13th. birthday. My little Rebecca, a teenager now! Wow is time passing me by fast.

Until next time, be safe and God Bless.

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